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1 Persona: Shackled Paradise on Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:34 pm


[align=center]Shackled Paradise: A Persona RP

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Persona: Shackled Paradise takes place in the impressive Mosaic City (found on the Chinese Coast), known for being the crossroads between different nations. As such, many different races are found here. The city itself is quite large. (for reference, about 8x larger than Tatsumi Port Island, the Persona 3 area) In fact, it is a large tourist attraction with quite a few places to go for enjoyment. Needless to say, it's quite the place to live.

However, one day something strange happened. "The military" came into the city and placed a blockade around the majority of it. The populace is told that a large radiation leak has taken place outside, preventing travel outside of the city. The people are assured everything is under control, naturally, and that there is nothing to worry about. Assured enough, that nobody really questions it. It has been over a few months since the incident.

Aside from the fact that nobody is able to leave the city, everyone is quite comfortable and life persists as normal. From the inside of the city, the outside looks quite normal. However, everything outside the circle in a large diameter is actually dilapidated and overrun with shadows. Outside this larger, shadow overrun circle, the outside world cannot see anything beyond the barrier placed upon it. Nothing can enter either. The area is simply labeled a dead zone and have assumed all life inside has perished.
"The military" are in fact shadows in disguise who are planning to overrun the city. For what purpose the shadows are trying to get in and what is preventing them from getting in remains a mystery, however it is clear that the shadows outside must be dealt with. This is where you come in.

A few people have learned the secret behind the blockade and are now actively scouting the area outside despite it being labeled "hazardous." Upon entering the outer circle, one is met with the ruins of the rest of the city as well as a dark purple sky. The atmosphere is in fact, perfectly fine to breathe in though. The only thing one would need to worry about is the shadows that lurk about. It's now up to the people who know the truth behind the shadow military to prevent the city from falling and to disperse the circle permanently.

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