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Step into the world of Aurus, a place where the practice of alchemy and science collide in a setting that draws inspiration from Medieval Persia, China and India. The free-flow of alchemical information is as prosperous as Aurus' reliance on the merchant trade.

However, tensions are on the rise between the three nations that border Aurus. While the military traditionally patrolled the trade route and streets of Aurus, there is a growing concern of the ambitions and intentions of Aurus’ neighbours, and with it a steady expansion of military power. No doubt something is about to give. Will the city-state be able to keep its peace and stability, along with its independence?

One can play as an alchemist, a noble, a chimera, commoner, a military official, a thief, any deviant of society that are called under the blanket term 'under-dwellers', or any reasonable combination of the above.

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