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1 Naruto: Legacies Reborn! Fun! on Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:26 pm

Legacies Reborn!


What's so special?

Legacies Reborn is a Naruto RP started a year ago and has excelled in keeping an active, entertaining, and diverse community. The rules are designed so that the players can do pretty much anything they want except for one exception: no ruining the fun of others. Basically, the site's made so everybody can have fun no matter who they are. Whether you're new to RPing or whether you're a veteran the site accepts you and will try to pull out the best of you. On Legacies Reborn the veterans and the new people are equal because of an experience system. There's no word count system on Legacies Reborn but instead you can get things even faster than you would through word counts by doing missions and interacting with others by simply making posts of any level of RPing. The site strictly enforces the basic rules of RPing. It keeps the reason for why people started RPing in the first place close at heart. They want people to develop and create original characters who have infinite potential. People who can accomplish this will gain rewards through the development system by obtaining tokens for each development. The site stresses realism and freedom.

Site Activity

What we have to offer

[USUAL NARUTO SHENANIGANS] - Just like on any other Naruto site you can be a Shinobi and do all sorts of Naruto stuff like shooting fireballs out of your mouth, killing people with swords and stuff. Everything Naruto has, so do we.

[OPEN HIGH RANKS] - Currently we got a lot of open high ranks for the taking. ANYONE can apply for them. You do not need permission from anyone to try out for these.

[REALISTIC APPROACH TO GENIN] - On our site Genin have the possibility of using B-Ranked, A-Ranked AND S-Ranked Jutsu. We have a Chakra system and each Genin has enough chakra to use at least one S-Ranked Jutsu.

[ROLE PLAYING AS A SAMURAI OR A CIVILIAN] - You don't have to be a Shinobi if you don't want to. People who don't want to be a ninja can just do Samurai and Civilian. Samurai are pretty much the same as they are in the Anime/Manga, while Civilian are an unique class which has its own perks.

[BIJU AND JINCHURIKI] - Yep, possible. However, you need to get them through role playing. It really isn't fun if you start with one.

[UNIQUE COMBAT STYLE SYSTEM] - The LR combat system is quite unique compared to some of the ones out there. On our site a Shinobi or any of the other classes can get to a point where they can use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu and all of the other styles as well. However, there are levels to each style and so one will have to choose between becoming a master in a specific area or a user of them all.

[HIGHLY ACTIVE STAFF] - Our staff guarantees that you will not have to wait for more than 48 hours in order to get something checked. If by any chance something happens and we fail to check your stuff, PM Ichiro Kenshi and he will get to it right away.

[NO STATS AND CANON CHARACTERS] - We do not use stats or Canon characters. The majority of our stuff is custom and original.

[ALL YOUR FAVORITE JUTSU AND CLANS] - Legacies Reborn has all of your favorite Jutsu and clans, like the Senju, the Uchiha, Hyuuga, Nara and everything else. However, we do have the Rin'nengan and Flying Thunder God banned, they are just too strong to be used. Sage Mode is for now still in the works.

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