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1 Fire Emblem: Nocturne on Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:23 pm


Elibe has existed in a state of co-existence and co-prosperity for thousands of years. Dragons, the eldest of the races, have protected and nurtured the younger races as each sprang forth into the world. Taguel, a race of shapeshifting beasts second in age, range the vast forests and colossal mountain ranges, exterminating monsters and rooting out nests that would otherwise eventually attack civilization. Humans, a younger race defined by unrelenting progress and innovation, have been freed by this relative safety to pursue their dreams - their mines and forges create implements of war and peace alike, even as academies of mages struggle to pierce the veil of truths unseen. Elibe is a vast continent, after all, full of untapped natural resources and gorgeous sights - while local conflicts are common between small human kingdoms and dragons have never been masters of diplomacy, the mere concept of a continent-spanning war is almost unthinkable.

Or least it was.

Fire Emblem: Nocturne is an alternate take on the world of Elibe before the global devastation of the Scouring, set in a time when dragons and humans existed in co-prosperity. Pre-Scouring is a rich but nearly undefined time in Fire Emblem canon, and there is much more to Elibe than what survived the Scouring - Taguel, the beast-shifters from Awakening, exist as hardy survivors on the fringes of civilization, and mysterious monsters inspired by the inhuman armies of Sacred Stones constantly wear at the crumbling combined defenses of the three great races, igniting age-old tensions at a time when humans, Dragons, and Taguel alike most need to stand together. Players enter this vibrant world as aspiring mercenaries, intrepid adventurers, or even powerful dragons, and are free to chart their own goals in an emergent world that they can slowly shape in their image... if they can overcome others seeking to do the exact same thing.

Are you up to the challenge?

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