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Who do you want to see interviewed?

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1 Let's get the magazine started on Thu May 15, 2014 4:35 am


So Seishin has entrusted me with starting this.
As you all can see, the "Magazine" section is currently empty: well, we are currently working to change this, finally creating and releasing our very own Sorcerer's Magazine!
And this is where I come into play: back in my time as a boss of a wrestling e-fed, I used to interview wrestlers that we wanted to push, and then publish the interview on our website. Here I will do something similar: I will interview a member of this community, and the interview will be the featured article of the first issue of the magazine!
So, what you see in this page is a list of the ten most active (in terms of posts) people of this community as of last month: please vote the one you would like to see interviewed, also it would be nice if, after voting, you posted here not only stating why you picked that person, but also including in your post a question you would like to see asked to that person. As I often have IRL problems during week-ends, this poll will remain open untill monday: after it expires, I will collect the results, and on tuesday I will proceed with the interview!


The interview is going to be done ICly. It is not going to be the user Tomas Elliot interviewing the winning user, it is going to be a journalist of Sorcerer's Magazine (roleplayed by me) interviewing the character of the winning user. Therefore, when you post here the question you would like to see asked, it shouldn't be you asking the user a question ("what do you study at university?" or "do you have a gilfriend?"), it should be your character asking a question to the character you voted for. This also mean you should vote not for the person you are in better terms with, but for the character you think would be more interesting to kno more about.

And now enough with the talking, let's vote!

EDIT: I almost forgot an important thing... If nominees could avoid voting for themselves, that would be nice.

2 Re: Let's get the magazine started on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:35 am

Eric Flamel

So is this not happening any more? I like the idea of SM. Maybe we can get a group of people together and do this. Though since I am new to the site I dont really know too much about what has gone down. I'd say a short interview with each Guild Master maybe a page for each, each would also get a cool GFX background for their page. A brief paragraph about that person then a small interview.

The prison event could be something that we have articles on. Focus on the teams going after Syl and then those that are fighting the prisoners.

Then each magazine could be wrapped up with a break down of the wizards and lords and maybe a small blur on what they have done since the last magazine.

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