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1 Looking for Others! on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:17 pm

Eric Flamel

Looking For Others

Dear Guest,

Hello there this is Eric Flamel here writing to you all for a very important reason. I am in need of some peoples to rp with. It does not have to be right away or even next week, I am looking for people that I can meet in my adventures and develop a good story. Now I am currently in Onibus but will be leaving there shortly to begin my next character arc to make Ericís progression to a Guild Master and S class mage. I will be stationed in the area of the Synthesia Forest during this arc. I plan on training most, if not all the spells I have left there and while I will be doing some soloed I wouldnít mind a partner or two for a few. I am expecting to return to Magnolia after the time there but may end up going elsewhere if the story progresses that way. Now below you will find a small little breakdown of Eric followed by the roles Iím looking for. If you wish to maybe be part of my adventures and journey please comment below or PM me any ideas you wish to do!

Eric Flamel

Full Character Bio

Basics of Eric:

  • Name: Eric Flamel
  • Age: 25
  • Nicknames: The Slumbering God
  • Alignment:Lawfully Neutral
  • Guild/Rank/Magic: Fairy Tail / S Rank / Earth God Slayer
  • Height: 5 Foot 10 Inches
  • Temperament: Slow to anger, carefree about things not his problem, easy to annoy on some occasion, generally kind to most, and cautious to forego information
  • Sexuality: Straight

Overall Personality

  • Kind: Eric is a kind man to certain people, mainly those in Fairy Tail, have wealth, and or have power. You must fit into at least one of these basic categories for Eric to treat you well and can overlook the absences or faults you may have.
  • Lustful: Eric is lustful in a sexual, possession, and power. He wishes to have more wealth than the king of Fiore and power than any other mage. He is close to accomplishing the later of the two but will need help to rise in finances. His lust for women though has some major stipulations, the woman has to be of decent birth or have overcame her class to better herself, meaning no poor people, she also has to have a beauty that will make others envious, and be intelligent so that the two can build an empire for their bloodlines.
  • Proud: Eric does not take too well to being looked down upon. He is of semi noble birth and comes from a bloodline that held an actual god so he does have some pride. He will make an effort to show the world that he is the second coming of the Earth God and that he is one of the greatest mages and businessmen that has walked Fiore.
  • Cunning: Eric is a bit of a manipulator. He knows many people in all different circles of society and can normally find his way around issues via a legal or illegal manner. His family has taught him these things since their wealth was started with smuggling but has dabbled over into more gang/mafia styles. He is not trying to stay in the morality of the darker side of society but has no problem dipping into it to get his way.

Roles Iím Looking For

  • Childhood Friend: Eric grew up in a boarding school for gifted young wizards who were from well off families. He stayed there for many years before joining Fairy Tail. A mage from said school that is close to his age, 25. He was at said school from age eight until he turned seventeen so that is a nine year time frame where he could have met a number of people.
    Limiting to two max

  • Rival: Eric is an ambitious man that has no problem stepping on some fingers to get what he wants. It would only make sense that he has crossed paths with other characters of the site in the past or near future that also are trying to climb their ways to the top. A rival for Eric would be somebody who is near his own strength of power if not surpassing it and is willing to spar or do mini arcs on occasion. Though a rival which is more of an enemy is not out of the question Iíd rather have a friendly rivalry going on where the two can rely on each other from time to time but still give each other grief about it.
    Limiting to two
    1) Ardere

  • Lover: As stated Eric is somebody that is lustful. A lover he is looking for does not have to be monogamous in all cases, he would not mind having a friends with benefits or fling kind of relationship. Just know that if you chose to be in a committed relationship with Eric you will have to mark off the checklist of being either, rich or powerful and a must is beauty. Also know Eric will be a jealous type when it comes to serious relationships and will be very protective. Iíd rather not sign up right away for a full on relationship with Eric but have one kind of bud into place, maybe start out as a basic fling and end up becoming something deeper. A note Eric will not really care your guild standing in this case, you could be a Fairy Tail mage, a Lamia Scale mage, or even a Raven Tail mage. †
    Limiting to three max

  • Role Model/Master: This one will be limited to A or S ranked characters that are at least 2+ older IC than Eric. This will be a difficult spot to fill and will need to be talked through with those wishing to be this to see if we can come up with a decent story. A role model/ master for Eric will have to be somebody that is strong enough that Eric can respect them. Expect to do a few flash back threads with Eric so we can make an interesting story on how they met and developed their bond.
    Limiting to one max

  • Student: Now the flip of a Master/ Role Model is a mage that is at least 1 rank, though preferred to be lower, than Eric. They will most likely need to be in Fairy Tail or have plans to join Fairy Tail in the near future. These people will be most likely brought on missions with Eric and sparring with Eric plus of course many social threads. Their character will probably need to have similar morals or ideas of Eric just so that they can get along easier.
    Limiting to one max

  • Teammates: Iíve discussed this with a few of the other Fairy Tail members already but Iím not too sure how this one will work out now with myself being the guild master and them doing their own character arcs. But a team that Eric will be part of will most likely be higher ranked mages and be willing to go on the long epic missions like A and S ranked along with plot threads.
    Limiting to two max
    1) Kazuki

  • Friends/Acquaintance: This is a simple one that really is just being Ericís friend and or acquaintance. This is just mainly to find some people to role play with and see if we can get some interesting stories to develop and maybe move the friendship/acquaintanceship to one of the other categories.

  • Enemy: Now the flip of friends, enemies. As stated in the rivals part Eric has steeped on a few fingers to get to the top and his family is not known for being the nicest bunch of people either. Enemies can be those from his past or we can start that hatred here and now. They will be people that Eric loathes and tries to squish from this earth. They probably need to be at least 1 rank lower or the same rank as Eric so it makes sense and easier to have a hatred for each other.
    Limiting to two max

If you think you would like to do any of these roles or possibly some other type I have not listed as stated before post below or PM me, try to use the layout provided below so it makes it easier to tell what you want to do and get a feel for your character. Hope that I get some people interested so I can start really getting in depth with Eric and his character!

Have a Great Day!


[b]Characterís Name:[/b]
[b]Characterís Application:[/b]
[b]Role you wish to be:[/b]

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2 Re: Looking for Others! on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:26 pm

Ardere Kasai

I'll be your rival but Im not gonna fill out that thing, you already know all my stuff. xD

3 Re: Looking for Others! on Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:53 am

Elizabeth Silvershield

Err... Why not? o.o

Character's Name: Elizabeth Stranger Silvershield
Character's Application: Clicky
Role you wish to be: Friend/Acquaintance, or w/e, lol. I don't mind at all.

4 Re: Looking for Others! on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:23 am

Tali Zorah

Considering that Tali is lustful as well, she could be a potential lover as well as friend. She could also pass as a mentor. Even though she is 19 she is the longest running Guild Master on the site. Just throwing out suggestions so do with that what you will.

5 Re: Looking for Others! on Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:14 pm

Kazuki Kobayashi

Characterís Name: Kazuki Kobayashi
Characterís Application:
Role you wish to be: Rival / Friend / Teammate (I ain't picky)

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