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1 Need friends, will travel! on Sat Oct 18, 2014 11:10 am

Jacqlyn Toulmin

Following the rash of these cropping up, I shall do the same!



Character Info:
Name: Jacqlyn Toulmin
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Magic: Night Stalker
Rank: D
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Jacqlyn is a standoffish person in that she deals with people only when she has to. Because of her slave past, she views the world in a shade of black and white--though in terms of weak and strong. The weak are oppressed and controlled by the strong. She strives to be one of the strong, and never be controlled again. Survival is her foremost goal. I wish to have her advance on a personal level, though because of the corrupting power of the artifact that's her holder item it will be a struggle!
Goals: Survival. Advancement of wealth. More power. Anything that furthers her and secures a higher success rate in all endeavors is her goal.

Positions in need

Best Friend(s): Despite wanting to be one of the strong, Jacqlyn knows that friends are a necessary evil. Everyone has some use to you, and shouldn't be discarded until they have fulfilled that usefulness. I'd like to progress her from her tendencies and see that the world can be a benevolent place if surrounded by the right people. Open for two!

Significant Other: Jacqlyn views all men as testorone fueled mindless brutes, but that doesn't mean she doesn't find some of them attractive. The strong she finds especially seducing. She has no experience with relationships, and has no interest in other women solely because she believes them to be waiting damsels in distress.

-Requirements: Jacqlyn's significant other must be, and maintain to be, a higher rank than her by two, with S Class being the highest it's understandable. Open to 1.

Nemesis: Acknowledging strength first and foremost, this would be someone Jacqlyn knows is her equal, or stronger. Anyone beneath her could not be a Nemesis. This person wouldn't be a hated enemy, but a necessary one that she would seek to manipulate as best as possible through using their weaknesses, motivations, or goals to further her agenda. Open to 1.

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