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1 Looking for some people! on Sat Oct 18, 2014 3:34 pm

Alistair Christner


Name: Alistair Christner
Age: 18
Magic: Lorem Ventus
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Char app: Alistair
Brief Description: Alistair is a many of many words, though none are spoken. He is a mute, but by no means a reserved person. He likes to be around noisy people, or make noise in any way he can. He believes in fighting the good fight, and breaking a few rules if it's absolutely needed. He talks through a pen and paper, finding sign language not very well known throughout Fiore.

Spots to Fill

The Best Friend (The Bro): Limited to one male. This would be the guy that he gets into all sorts of trouble with, be it partying or just general antics. They are bound and inseparable by the bro code, even if in different guilds. Must be of good alignment, and share some interests.

The Lady: Being a member of Blue Pegasus, he isn't actually as fickle as most would expect. He respects a woman who can dress up nicely, and be as cutesy as she wants, but also likes to go out and get dirty if need be. She must be pretty by his standards, and able to make enough noise for the both of them. The more talkative the better.

The Rival: This would be slightly one sided, and limited to one person. Alistair isn't competitive by nature, but he would take someone who is striving against him stride. They do not have to be evil, or an asshole. This can also be filled in a friendly manner.

The Archenemy: Someone that Alistair hates, and that hates Alistair. Perhaps it's his happy go lucky nature, despite his disability? Perhaps it's his constant scribbling on that note pad? Or maybe they just hate wind magic users. Whatever the reason, the feeling is mutual. While a merciful being, Alistair would gladly fight them at any time and in any place if confronted with the opportunity. Fillable by one male or female.

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