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1 Illiad Odyssey on Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:25 pm

Illiad Odyssey


   “Why so much grief for me? No man will hurl me down to Death, against my fate. And fate? No one alive has ever escaped it, neither brave man nor coward, I tell you - it’s born with us the day that we are born. And yet only one truly has to die.”


Name(s): Illiad Odyssey
Nickname(s): The Oddity
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 23
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: S
Guild: None Yet
Face Claim: Tyki Mikk


Height: 6'0
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Gold
Description: Illiad is six foot tall with a rather sturdy build that has come from years of requests, fighting, training and honing his abilities. His purple hair is almost always well kept and brushed out of his face, and sometimes is covered by a top hat. Illiad dresses nicely in most occasions, sometimes even going so far as wearing a suit and tie. His skin color is tan, even during the winter, and he has a set of tattoos that look like twinkling stars across his forehead. He also has this tattoo in the center of his neck, on the front side, though this one only appears when Illiad unleashes his magical powers from their constraints, or when he uses his most powerful spells. His face normally holds a grin or just the general air of confidence, though when he is angry there is a very noticeable shift in both his body language and facial expression.


Personality: Illiad is usually quite calm when outside of combat. He is a laid back person who enjoys joking, poking fun at others and sarcastic whit (At least, when it is his own sarcasm). He is not one to judge peoples characters based off of actions or words that he does not fully understand, but he will comment on those things and often times make people think that he is judgmental. Many of the things that others take seriously, such as their own battles or grades, he will often offer fake enthusiasm too with very flat responses that can sound extremely unenthusiastic and almost bored.

He is not the type of person who enjoys causing great harm to others for no reason. This in no way means he does not like to fight, or that he avoids hurting his opponents. On the contrary, he greatly enjoys fights when he is actually in the mood for combat, and views a fair fight as any fight that he himself walks away from. Broken limbs and death are not off the table when it comes to him wanting to overcome whatever obstacle has made themselves apparent, but he is not one to continue to cause damage or to do needless harm, especially when things have already been decided. All in all, Illiad is a very loyal and helpful friend. He would never betray his own friends for anyone else's reasons- However, if his friends have causes that greatly differ from his own to the point where he must fight them to stand by what he believes, he will do that.

Motivations: Power, Sense of Morality, Greater Good, Eternal Life
Fears: Death, Losing his Power
Likes: Animals, Friends, Combat
Dislikes: Morons, Weaklings who don't strive for growth, Those who think they can lie to him

Positive Characteristics:

  • Daunting Presence (+2): You are skilled at inducing fear in your opponents.
    Explanation: Players of lesser rank cannot initiate combat against you, but are capable of defending themselves.
  • High Society (+2): You know good manners and were trained to handle social interactions in noble circles. This is useful in requests involving members of the highest levels of society, such as monarchs, nobles, courtiers, lords and ladies, and high-ranking clerics.
    Explanation: You are capable of having threads with nobles. Those without this feat cannot.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Arrogant (-1): You firmly believe that you are better than anyone else is. Your ideas are the best, your clothes are the most stylish, and you have to let everyone else know how much better you are. Once in a while you openly show contempt or disdain for someone else.
    Explanation: You must at least act arrogant one out of five posts.
  • Curiosity (-1): You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, alas, your curiosity overrides your common sense. This forces you to investigate something unusual, even if it looks like it might be dangerous.
    Explanation: You will walk deeper into the forest you have never been before. You won't turn around from the castle that you have never seen. This can result into getting you into very dangerous situations.
  • Intolerance (-1): You have an irrational dislike of a certain thing. It may be an animal, a class of person, a situation, or just about anything at all. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial or ridiculous to count--a dislike of Bavarian-crème-filled donuts or mechanical pencils, for example, has no real dramatic value and will not be allowed.
    Explanation: You must act very disgusted and displeased when your dislike comes into play.
  • Judgmental (-1): You form opinions quickly and change them very slowly. You also have a tendency to judge people on their appearance. A man dressed as a pirate, no matter how gentlemanly, is a scoundrel and a dog as far as you is concerned. A man covered in mud is a peasant, and a woman wearing revealing clothing is a prostitute.
    Explanation: You must act very disgusted and displeased when your dislike comes into play.


Magic: Volvebatur Terra (Vibrate Earth)
Type: Caster
Element: None
Description: This magic centers around controlling vibrations, which are created by all things. This can be used for defensive and offensive purposes, though cannot be used for supplementary. The vibration can allow for passing through objects (outside of combat) and enhancing blows through offensive techniques, as well as being used to dissipate attacks and even cause internal damage to opponents though attacks and techniques. This magic is visible by tiny vibrations visible through solid objects (like the ground waving slightly) and distortion through the air. Due to it being hard to see, however, if one is not focused on the battle, they can find themselves caught off guard. In addition, this magic passes straight through all armor items, as well as ReQuip armors.


History: Illiad is of Noble Descent. His family is enthralled with power, and due to that near obsession, they have been kings and queens, Emperor's and Rulers. They have lead entire nations, and they have destroyed entire continents. The Odyssey family is one that is known by most in Fiore, if not for their power than simply for their lineage. Having been born to such a powerful and well known family, it was only a matter of time before Illiad began looking into such things himself. After all, to be told since ones birth that they were bound for greatness, he would certainly become interested. What did greatness entail? What would it lead to that was so special, and how was it attained? Was greatness a single thing, or was it something to be determined by those with power?

As he looked into it, he became more and more interested. His great, great, great, great grandfather had been the Founder and Ruler of an empire on another continent. He was known as a cruel man, but a fair and powerful leader. His grandmother was of Fiore royalty, which granted he himself status, and she was known as a kind and caring woman. His father was a Guild's Ace, and many had suspected that he ruled behind the scenes. With each of them, though, the only power that they still controlled was through the words that had eternalized them. They were no longer figures of greatness, but instead memories of what was. It was in this moment that Illiad realized what greatness truly was.

Greatness was Eternal. To be found and secured, yet only kept for as long as one could live. While each individual definition of greatness was no more a fallacy than the next, it could only be so long as the one whom attained it. So then, to truly be Great and to truly Rule, one needed to be Eternal. Only then could one transcend the power of Kings and Emperors. Only when Death had died could a God be born anew.

These reasons are what made Illiad train so hard within Fiore, to gain the resources and acknowledgement from the current leaders of Fiore and his distant family. These reasons are what inspired him to found his own Guild, to try how he would to attain his goals and ambitions. And this drive would be what lead him to either Immortality or Death, with no in between.

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Congratulations, this character has been approved.

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