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1 Kizmaru Seiker on Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:25 am



I'll crush you.


Name(s): Kizmaru Seiker
Nickname(s): Aloide, Kiz, Kizzy
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 7th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: A
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Lower left on his stomach
Face Claim: Nine - Final Fantasy Type-0


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 169 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Description: Kizmaru has messy blonde hair, light blue eyes and a scarred face. He is tanned a bit from his normally milk colored skin and a physique that protrudes a rather cut build. His attire consists of a uniform similar to that of a high school kids, albeit his is disheveled with the black jacket with the gold-padded shoulders left unfastened, and his white trousers slouching over his shoes. He wears a black belt with a red belt buckle, a red cape and wields a blade. His summer uniform has a white jacket with a black print on the side, a black shirt, black trousers with white shoes, black gloves and a red cape. His dress uniform has a red jacket with black padded shoulders and cuffs, black shirt, white cape and gloves, black trousers with silver decoration at the bottoms and black shoes. Occasionally, he dons a scarf for when the temperature drops to add onto his unique style as well as warmth.


Personality: Kizmaru is impulsive and straightforward, viewing the world in black and white and only feels satisfied when things are not complicated. Although he has a foul mouth and is considered stupid by other guild mates, his courage boosts morale on the battlefield. Though easily angered and quick to lash out at others, he bears love for his comrades and guild members. A typical tough guy with a kind heart sort of thing. Seeing as he hates anything that requires even the slightest bit of thought that isn't combat related, he isn't cut out for things like being shuffled to a desk job or placing people to do tasks. He's more of a hands on guy that would rather take care of problems himself or take things head on. He is a tough guy with a little underbelly of sweetness. He tries to hide it, but is not that good at it because he wears his emotions on his face. He is loyal to a fault to his friends, and he is honorable and truthful, and even though it might not the smartest thing to say at the time, he doesn't pull his punches if it is speaking the truth. Nine is such a gruff that when he does speak his mind, despite social faux pas, it comes across as endearing.

Kizmaru aspires to be the strongest mage he can achieve too. Of course he wants to protect himself or use his power to destroy fools in his way. Overall he just wanted to push his limits and grow pass what a standard fighter can do.
His second motivation was to be a weapons master. He wanted to learn how to utilize most weapons to the best he could and maybe even make some of his own to sell. He probably wouldn't go that far but he still would like to forge and wield them. His favorite weapons are lances, spears and swords.


  • Kizmaru's first fear is accidentally killing somebody. Sometimes, Kizmaru doesn't show much restraint when getting into a heated battle and may lose control of his emotions causing him to lash in a more virulent manner than most. Despite not liking work, he does still aspire to be a great mage one day.
  • Kizmaru's second fear is the deep of anything. The deep as in the deep sea. Ever since he was a child, Kizmaru had always feared the being near being a large body of water ever since he was thrown into a lake constantly.
  • Kizmaru's last fear is death. Yes, death. He knows it's gonna happen regardless of what he does but it doesn't matter he's still afraid of it. Especially if it's premature death. Only his own death and the death of others that are close to him. Anybody else, doesn't matter to him.


  • Kizmaru likes beautiful scenery like pink sakura trees or trees that bear fruit, mostly the ones you can smell from a distance. It always put him in a good mood to see things full of life and puts his mind at ease to concentrate better.
  • His second like is music. Music also helps Kizmaru's mind at ease as well. He likes Hip-Hop and Nu Metal as his favorite genres to pump him up or mellow him out.
  • His third like is, daydreaming. Kizmaru likes to daydream. A lot. He most the time either lost in thought or just making up little stories and fantasies in his head. It's not like he likes doing it but he mostly finds himself just....doing it....
  • His fourth and final like, Is women with large busts or butts. This is pretty self explanatory as to why he likes this.


  • Kizmaru generally dislikes large crowds of people. As in, hundreds of people gathered in one area for some dumb ass event. It gets on his nerves plus it brings back some bad memories of when he was a toddler.
  • His second dislike is people who pick on or use children. Kizmaru didn't know what it was like being pick on since he came from an established family but for that specific reason, he was used in order for others to cash out on.
  • His third dislike, is studying. Kizmaru HATES studying with a passion. That's what he was forced to do his entire life before the incident. Kizmaru would often make excuses or outright refuse to study.Only if he was getting things out of it, might he consider it but for other reasons, he would not.
  • His final dislike, is being cornered. It isn't restricted to combat or physical boundaries either. This could be mentally or physiologically happening as well.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Enhanced Strength (+3)
  • Fortitude (+3)
  • High Society (+2)
  • Regeneration (+4)

Negative Characteristics:

  • Aloof (-1)
  • Bad Reputation (-1)
  • Curiosity (-1)
  • Inattentive (-1)
  • Daredevil (-2)
  • Short Attention Span (-1)
  • Tongue-Tied (-1)
  • Vulnerable (-3)
  • Lecherous (-1)


Magic: Boulder Dragon Slayer
Type: Caster
Element: Earth
Boulder Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Lost Magic which allows its users to transform their physical bodies into a Dragon. As a result, the user can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles.


History: Kizmaru was born and raised in the city of Fiore with his rather large family. He was a Seiker by birth and was often pampered to all his needs as any small child with a fortunate and rich family. One day, Kizmaru was playing near the outskirts of Fiore when he was snatched up by dark mages that wanted to ransom him for money at the tender age of eight years old. He was held hostage for about a month with no toys, no comfort and no parents. Everyday the would take him out to a local lake and torture him by throwing him into it and which made him have a slight fear of large bodies of water. Eventually, his parents gave in and paid the dark mages before they released him.

While the trade was in progress, as soon as Kizmaru made it back to his parents safely, a dark mage conjured up thousands of daggers and sent them flying in every direction to ensure they got away or were't arrested. Kizmaru was shielded by rune knights and his parents but one slipped in and slashed his face between his eyes and on his nose. Kizmaru screamed for hours on end and eventually he was taken home. For that day forward, he was under constant supervision and wasn't even allowed to go further from the castle which was kinda boring. But at the same time, It grew the resolve to start training to protect his own damn self. When he was ten, he started to train in the ways of the blade. He was a natural and effortlessly learned and mastered the techniques at the age of thirteen.

After his 15th birthday, Kizmaru had received a unique sword that was said to be famed through out the land by the name of Boujin. Rumor has it that it the blade was inhabited by a creature of some sort. Shortly after, he had gone of to join a legal light guild of some sort. He decided to throw away his last name as it would draw too much attention to himself. He set out to find himself a guild suitable for him, avoiding dark guilds and joining light and maybe even neutral guilds. With Boujin in hand, he set off in hopes of finding the one perfect for him.

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Ready to be checked.

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Plz fix your coding and turn history into paragraphs.

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Oops didn't see that. Fixed. Bump.

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Illiad Odyssey

I approve him being Dragon Maw

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Hello there, Name is Videns and I shall be gradding your App.

Dragon Maw is full and cannot take any more members until further notice. Very sorry about this inconvenience. You're going to need to change your history to reflect this.

Bump when done

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Edited my history and guild. Bump.

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Okay! All looks good



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