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1 Ray Kagi on Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:59 am

Ray Kagi


   “I am not small!”


Name(s): Kagi Ray
Nickname(s): Kagi, Ray
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 5
Sexuality: Towards females
Rank: D
Guild: None
Tattoo: On my right elbow
Face Claim: Yuma Kuga - World Trigger


Height: 140 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Hair: Messy white hair
Eyes: Red eyes
Description: He has short white hair that is always messy because it can never get combed, white bushy eyebrows and peach-coloured skin. He usually has black armor with red lines on it. It has no combat use. Under that he wears a blue marin blazer with a tie and beige pants because he always hoped he could go to school. If he isn’t wearing that, he just wears a simple red no sleeved-shirt and black shorts. He has red eyes and wears a black ring with a white stripe. He is very underweight and small in height compared to average 15 year olds but it doesn’t affect him much since he was born small. He has an average six pack because he trains everyday but doesn’t have big muscles. He has a small X on his right elbow to remind him that when he joins a guild the tattoo will go there.


Personality: Kagi is a boy who ventures outside for too long, kind, can be selfish, loves money and enjoys fighting. He likes simple missions but sometimes wants to challenge himself and goes on missions higher than his level. He enjoys doing missions in groups of 3 at least including himself but gets sick very quickly on boats. Kagi would never want to lose his partners or friends like he did when he was younger. He will always put his life on the line if necessary. He might not though for his enemies. At the end of a mission, he will remind the client to give him the reward. Kagi hates too much noise and will slowly start getting pissed if he doesn’t go somewhere quiet. He plans very well, but the problem is even with an alarm clock he will laze around in bed which will make him lose time. Kagi also hates being ignored by people especially when he is asking something right in front of the person who he was talking to and that person just starts talking to someone else. Loves inventing and drawing as a hobby. Loves practicing to fish so that he doesn’t need to buy food.
Motivations: Becoming the number one wizard in Fiore and confronting his father.
     Becoming a legendary inventor so he can fulfill his guardian's will.
Fears: Death of his comrades because it is his only family.
     Him killing his comrades because he doesn't want to lose his family.
Likes: Complex things like machines because it is always interesting to make,
       Cakes because they are yummy and he is a glutton,
       Heat because it is better than cold because his body moves faster.
Dislikes:  Cold because his fingers get numb and he hates that feeling,
       Plums because he hates sour things because they burn in your mouth,
       His stupid father because he always hits Kagi,
      Hates ignorance because it makes him feel none existent.
Positive Characteristics:

  • Agile (+3): You are particularly flexible and poised.
  • Nimble Fingers (+2): You are adept at manipulating small, delicate objects. This involves things such as a small mechanics and locks.
  • Regeneration (+4): You heal very fast inside and outside of combat. Small cuts that go up to one inch deep are healed in the next post.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Clumsiness (-1): You have the unfortunate habit of dropping things, knocking things over, or tripping.
  • Lazy (-1): You will never do any more work than is absolutely necessary. You will rely on your companions to do things such as build campfires, cook, and keep watch throughout the night. Generally, you will neglect details of preparedness in order to grab a few extra minutes of sleep. Failure indicates that you think the time would be better spent napping or laying under the shade.
  • Merciful (-1): For a villain, you have a terrible weakness--you don't like to hurt people. Given the choice, you'd rather exile your deposed brother to another country than do him in. Whether this is because you want him to live knowing that you beat him, or whether you just have a small soft spot down in your heart somewhere, the result is the same: your enemies keep coming back again and again.
  • Shy (-1): You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you try to avoid social situations whenever possible. When you become the center of attention you freeze. Don't expect to make any public speeches.
  • Curiosity (-1): You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, alas, your curiosity overrides your common sense. This forces you to investigate something unusual, even if it looks like it might be dangerous.
  • Inattentive (-1): Your mind has a habit of drifting off at inopportune moments. It flits from one thought to the next so fast that you have trouble getting it to concentrate on the here and now. As such, you are particularly unaware of your surroundings.
  • Squeamish (-1): You don't want anyone's blood on your hands. It's perfectly okay to get blood on your underling's hands, but you don't like to do the deed yourself. Of course, you don't always follow up on things to make sure the job actually gets done--after all, the sight of blood has always disturbed you.
  • Trusting (-2): You don't like to believe that other people are capable of misleading and lying to you. After all, people are basically good, right?


Magic: Star
Type: Caster
Element: Fire
Description: Star is a type of magic that forms a star any wanted size that is made of extremely hot fire. The fire can be coloured whatever colour but if there is no chosen colour it will be white. It can also be hardened into a solid star that will be able to drop on the floor and be picked up and thrown at anytime.


History: The day Kagi was born was tragic for his family. He was born 10 minutes after his twin brother, Haki. His mother died while giving birth. His father became an alcoholic after that and he would treat Kagi and Haki very badly. Even more, Haki was always rude and mean to Kagi. He would punch and kick him and sometimes even break his bones. It was like this for his first three years. Kagi and Haki never got to go to school because his father would only spend money on beer and food. At the age of five, Kagi couldn’t handle this anymore. His father and brother became very violent towards him so one night, Kagi slipped out of the house and ran away. Unfortunately for Haki his father went out and never came back too. Haki was all alone.

Back to Kagi. Kagi was looking for the nearest town he could find and eventually found Accadia. A man found Kagi sleeping on a bench outside and he understood he had no home. So the man took him to his house and cared for him. Kagi, instead of worrying, went to the man and asked him if he would be his guardian. He said yes and that is how Kagi got a home. His guardian would teach him English and Maths but he would also teach him how to invent things. 5 years went by and it was still peaceful for Kagi and his guardian. One day Kagi received a ring from his guardian who told him that that ring was very precious. That if he wasn’t there he would always have his gift. Kagi liked exploring the forest that spread over 2 km wide from his guardian's house and he would train in that forest everyday. He went deep into the forest where trees that fell would not be a danger to his guardian.

But he shouldn’t have gone out that day. Kagi’s guardian had become a famous inventor, and he would usually sell things to other guilds. One of the guilds he sold it to was a dark guild. His invention broke and this wasn’t the first time. The dark guild’s top 3 members went after him and destroyed his house with him inside. Once Kagi returned home, there was no house. Just burning pieces of wood. There was the moment Kagi’s future changed. Kagi’s guardian told Kagi to keep the ring and all his other inventions, become a great inventor and to join Dragon Maw because it was a guild which he trusted. Kagi’s adventure had just begun. 1 year after the death of Kagi’s guardian, he arrived into the town Roncello. He asked around where Dragon Maw’s guild was and they all said it was in Fiorano. The most helpful person gave him a map that he could follow. But for 4 years, Kagi went to train in the Cold Passes, and other training spots for example forests and mountains. 4 years after his long trip, Kagi became 15. His real adventure had just begun!

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2 Re: Ray Kagi on Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:58 am

Hikaru Nakamura

Please look at Regulations to understand the Characteristic trait.

Magic, should be focused more on a versatile ability. Go in the chatbox and feel free to ask anyone for help! There also is no wanted stat.

Also please separate your history into separate paragraphs. One big block of text is hard on the eyes. once done i'll recheck everything as well as history.

3 Re: Ray Kagi on Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:37 pm

Ray Kagi

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4 Re: Ray Kagi on Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:26 pm

Hikaru Nakamura

Positive and negative characteristics must mach.

Go more into detail about magic. For examples go to other approved applications and base it off of those. Also go on the wiki to find an idea. Everyone in the chatbox should be able to tell you more on magic too!

5 Re: Ray Kagi on Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:10 am

Ray Kagi

@Hikaru Nakamura wrote:Positive and negative characteristics must mach.

Go more into detail about magic. For examples go to other approved applications and base it off of those. Also go on the wiki to find an idea. Everyone in the chatbox should be able to tell you more on magic too!


6 Re: Ray Kagi on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:38 am


Ok all looks good to me.


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