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1 Leo Alessio [Complete] on Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:43 pm

Leo Alessio



   “This is a kill or be-killed world. Those of the former will be the ones to succeed.”


Name(s): Leo Alessio
Nickname(s): Sabre
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthday: 01/01
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: D
Guild: None
Tattoo: The tattoo would be located on the right shoulder
Face Claim: Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto


Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 154 pounds
Hair: Wavy, shoulder-length black hair
Eyes: Right eye is crimson; left eye is purple.
Description: Leo is a slim, pale-white male with wavy, shoulder-length black hair. He has an oval-shaped head with a pointy nose, round ears, and two distinctly coloured eyes; the right eye is crimson, while the other is purple. While his hair is initially wavy, however, Leo has it forced to hang down with his casual grey headband. He wears a high-collared black shirt overlapped with tattered, light brown poncho. On his lower body, Leo wears dark-grey pants and black sandals, no matter what kind of environment he is in, and only possesses copies of those same clothes. If one were to ask about his eyes, they are simply passed down by his ancestors. One of Leo's ancestors exposed magic through his or her eyes (the specific ancestor is unknown). These same eyes that Leo possesses, however, serve no supernatural purpose as opposed to this ancestor, though Leo hopes to discover the purpose of his uniquely coloured eyes in the future.


Personality: Leo's personality is strictly focused on the greater good. Whether Leo has to act immorally or morally to solve a personal matter- he does not care. In fact, it is for this reason that Leo chooses not to be associated with a light guild nor a dark. He is a selfish human being, who only acts upon his own will, and only for his own success. He does not mind making friends as long as they realize that he will not put his life before theirs, nor will he go out of his way to protect them by any means. He is very limited on words when it comes to communication, unless the person he is talking to has been around him for a while, or has seen him frequently. Never does Leo sound happy, nor act the part. This is due to his pessimistic mind. He only views the world based on its problems, not its benefits. He believes his role in life is to end as many as possible for his own sake, as mentioned before. Sure, there are things that motivate Leo, and instill fear in him as well, though none of these feelings originate from any living thing particularly. When it comes to helping others, Leo will only give assistance to the poor, but only due to the fact that Leo was once poor, himself. This is most likely the only exception to his selfishness. Otherwise, Leo will only act for his own good, as mentioned for the third time now. In summary, he is miserable, dark and complicated, though he does not mind being judged by society, whatsoever. This is Leo Alessio.
Motivations: The first thing that motivates Leo is the greater good. Leo strives to solve any problem that would otherwise put weight on his shoulders, and put him in debt. He works to be free of any pain, stress, or simply the thought of being involved in any issue. His second motivation is a heavenly lifeform. In other words, Leo wants to be judged positively by the creator of life, and act fairly enough to be invited to His home. Leo's third and final motivation is to discover the origin(s) of his uniquely coloured eyes. However, first, Leo desires to become the strongest wizard he can in case there are any obstacles intervening in his future research. Additionally, if there are any obstacles that Leo must face, he wants to be able to surpass them all.
Fears: Leo's first fear is fear of unexpected death. Leo hopes that the result of his death will be in clear view, or rather a peaceful death, as opposed to being assassinated or crushed by something really heavy. Leo's second fear is the fear of losing his sanity. Leo has seen people lose their sanity before, and it is not pretty. One of the top reasons for his actions, in fact, is to reduce the weight on his shoulders frequently so there is no reason to feel as though his sanity is drifting away. Finally, Leo's third fear is the fear of seeing hell arise. For the sake of desiring to be within the home of his creator, Leo will gladly erase anyone from this world who wants to see the world burn, or make anyone believe that hell is right before their eyes.

  • Peace and Quiet: Leo prefers silence whenever possible, or at tolerable noise, if need be. He is a laid-back individual who would prefer not to do anything, if possible.
  • Rural Areas: If able, Leo would prefer to stay away from cities, and go somewhere with limited buildings, and more nature. He loves natural scenery as opposed to construction or newly created scenery, if that makes sense.
  • Gourmet Food: If Leo can get his hands on this, he would very much enjoy the best of the best food that society has to offer; the delicate, most expensive, nicely cooked, perfectly assembled meals out there. He loves the taste of gourmet food compared to the average fast-food or food that one can simply make at home.


  • Candy: While he loves gourmet food, Leo dislikes food with lots of sugar, or the most unhealthy food known to mankind: candy. He prefers to eat what is most appropriate for his stomach, even if it costs him the brilliant tastes candy has to offer.
  • The Rich: Leo finds the rich cocky and arrogant. Ironically, he does not like seeing other selfish, self-centered people out there, such as the many rich people he has seen. According to his observations, all these rich people seem to love is money. They only desire the finest things in life, and do not care about how the world is run. Though he has not interacted with a rich person before, Leo takes for granted that this is the average rich person, and so he prefers to avoid these people whenever possible.
  • Psychopaths: As somebody who hopes to never lose his sanity, Leo would never like to be with someone who is remarkably insane. If he must interact with anyone, Leo wants that person to have a stabilized, thoughtful, and calm mindset so there are no worries between the two even being next to each other.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Blind-Fight (+4): Leo knows how to fight even while being unable to see his foes.
  • Swift (+3): Fleet of foot. When running, Leo moves faster than most people.
  • Stealthy (+3): Leo is particularly good at avoiding notice. He could be sitting somewhere in a thread, and nobody would even know he was there.
  • Total: +10

Negative Characteristics:

  • Compulsive Honesty (-2): Leo cannot tell a lie, nor behave in a deceitful way.
  • Fanaticism (-1): Leo must always strongly act out to his beliefs even if it goes against his immediate goals or it brings the lives of people he cares about (if he does care about anyone at the time) in danger.
  • Greedy (-1): Whenever money is mentioned, Leo may act differently depending on the case.
  • Intolerance (-1): Leo must act very displeased and disgusted whenever a dislike comes in play.
  • Judgmental (-1): Leo forms opinions quickly and will only change them slowly over time. He tends to judge people based on their appearance. He will act very displeased or disgusted whenever someone not to his liking comes in play. In his specific opinion, Leo hates men who dress revealingly, and will act as such whenever he passes by what has been described.
  • Night Blindness (-2): Due to a physiological deficiency, Leo does not have good night vision. This cannot be healed by any means. Therefore, during night time, or facing someone with Dark Magic, Leo will have a hard time seeing more than 10 meters away from himself.
  • Proud (-1): Leo does not accept help from others, and will generally refuse gifts of any kind. As a result, he will win 10% less from wheel spins.
  • Righteous (-1): The end justifies the means. Leo is willing to perform morally repugnant actions in order to achieve noble goals. Unfortunately, this can alienate those people who might support his cause if Leo didn't use such heavy-handed methods. His beliefs guide him so strongly that he is willing to kill an entire village that's harboring a thief, if it kills the thief too.
  • Total: -10


Magic: Soul Sabre Magic
Type: Holder
Element: None
Description: Soul Sabre Magic is a form of magic that allows one to literally empower a sword with the power of a posthumous soul. None of these souls, however, come with a particular element(s), but rather a unique power that benefits the holder of the sword. On the contrary, with the fusion of a posthumous soul and sword, the sword will only last for so long before disappearing with the posthumous soul, and take a new, or the same soul after a certain idle state ends, to return to the user's possession. The sword will also take on whatever strengths and weaknesses the merged soul presents. As Leo grows in his magical journey, stronger posthumous souls are discovered. Never will a posthumous soul alter the shape or form of the sword it enhances, but rather give it a supernatural ability. In this regard, there is only one sabre in which all of this magic is focused that the user must always carry to use this magic (which can be seen in the picture at the top of this application).

Exemplars: Leo utilizes the power of a posthumous soul who, in his time, was extremely heavy, thus making the sword appear extremely heavy against the opponent, though just as light in weight to the Leo, as if there is no ability present at all upon the sabre. Another cool example would be to inherit the power of a posthumous soul known for lurking in the shadows during his or her time of living. In regards to this, Leo's sabre becomes invisible. A tertiary example would be to inherit an ability based on a past illusionist. By doing so, imaginably, Leo could perhaps make his sabre appear differently to the opponent than reality speaks. To elaborate, the sabre could look as though it is aiming for the right side of the opponent's chest, whereas realistically, it is aiming for the left- note that this ability, in particular, would surely be higher ranked among the others.


  • This magic's focus is combat-based, though this magic can also be used to go on the defensive. Does not provide supplementary, healing, buffing or de-buffing spells.
  • Holds no purpose other than to give one sabre unique abilities; one ability at a time. This is the magic's focus.


History: Leo was born in the central area of Accadia. His family was too poor to afford a child at the time, so once he was born, he was left behind. However, this did not end Leo's purpose for living, as someone came to the rescue. This person, no, this man's name was Cristiforo Alessio. He was a high-class wizard, well-known in his small community for unleashing the strongest, posthumous souls in history via his legendary sabre. Over time, Cristiforo helped raise Leo, teaching him how to use magic, how to learn various subjects, eat, dress, clean- you name it. It was all thanks to Cristiforo that Leo matured properly. However, Cristiforo went missing one day, and so Leo was left alone. Leo was about 13 at the time, and so he was too young to look after himself, let alone afford shelter.

Being alone again, Leo never learned to be happy. He was always miserable, taking for granted that as soon as one caregiver would come by, another would part. He saw everyone under the same light. There were always two sides to the coin; light and dark. Everlasting chaos and justice- both were always present. While Leo wanted to do something about this, he just didn't feel in the position to intervene. Personally, he felt safe, and so he gave himself no reason to be at risk, henceforth never involving himself in conflict. On the other hand, there was something that had a tendency to enlighten Leo- or rather, a supreme force; a deity.

In his condition, Leo found that it was always best to leave a prayer for God; a sign that Leo always desired guidance from the man upstairs. There was no exception to this, after all. Leo unreasonably held no faith in humanity. He vowed to only do things at his own will, and for his sake only. He would take responsibility for his own actions, and keep all rewards for himself. Ultimately, he would become a lone wolf. He pitied the light side for creating the dark, while he pitied the dark for being so psychotic. Thankfully, there was still a burning passion present in Leo's heart urging him to fight. As a matter of fact, this same burning passion encouraged Leo to look for Cristiforo.

Leo searched all over Accadia for Cristiforo, but never found him. His eagerness, however, drove him to look beyond Accadia, and find any signs of the male by all means necessary. This search unfortunately led to a dramatic scene. Leo found Cristiforo eventually, but in the middle of Cristiforo's own death scene. There was someone who was much bulker, bigger, and more fearsome than Cristiforo, who had killed him. This was the only day that Leo cried, and felt angry simultaneously. He challenged this man to a fight, though after killing Cristiforo, the man refused to kill the now-14-year-old boy. Leo begged for something if the man was not going to fight, and so the man left behind the sabre that had once unleashed all of these brilliant spirits.

While he slowly lost his life, Cristiforo had a few last words for his "son." First, he gifted Leo with the jewels he had left remaining in his pocket. It was actually enough to afford shelter for a few nights, believe it or not. Of course, that was not something to be happy about during this time. Another offering Cristiforo gave was to go visit his mentor, as Cristiforo's mentor was the one who taught him everything about magic. Leo agreed to accept all offerings, though there was one more that Cristiforo had to give emotionally. He told Leo to see the wolrd only in black and white, as Cristiforo believed that his death was due to his attempt to find the grey. He told Leo to feel free in working hard to achieve success, but only for his own good. Cristiforo did not want Leo to ever feel in danger, and so he said this, along with a few more things to keep Leo's life on track. Leo promised- and still does to this day- that his life's path will go alongside Cristiforo's own. Interestingly enough, Cristiforo's last words were "Where did you get those eyes?" It was true that Leo never learnt the reasons as to why his eyes were in their current form, and so he also promised to look into the history of his ancestor's, and discover what had led to his crimson eye and purple eye.

Leo spent the next seven years training his magic rapidly with no rest. Every once and a while, he would even faint, only to receive hospitality for his self-gifted insomnia. Instead of shelter, Leo would only spend the jewels given by Cristiforo on food and water. He swore upon an oath that his life would only be for two things: one for personal gain, or the other for the greater good. Both, over these seven years, had earned him lots of success. Though he accepted no hospitality other than hospital treatment, itself, Leo was treated with great, temporal wealth, and with wise decisions, requesting the whereabouts of Cristiforo's mentor.

Anticlimatically, there is not much to actually say about Cristiforo's mentor. Upon their encounter, all Cristiforo's mentor did for Leo was give him his unique talents with Soul Sabre magic, and funds to support him for the next year with average shelter, food and water. He also received multiple copies of uniquely crafted attire, which is frankly what Leo wears nowadays. Though it lacks detail, this is honestly a thorough summary of Leo's past. He hopes to expand on it later, but he is otherwise fine with his present self. He is just starting to get into the job phase, where he will slowly make his way through his new, magical journey, but other than that, truthfully, Leo is satisfied.

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2 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:10 am


- Appearance description is two words short of the word requirement
- Holder magic typically stems from an external magical object as opposed to from the mage himself. So unless you're saying that every sword you'll obtain after the previous has the exact same ability as the other perhaps countless swords you will have to get over your character's life, I feel you should probably just stick to one sword? idk it's your magic doe
- Please provide some examples and limits to the abilities granted by the souls you Shaman King into your sword.

3 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:30 pm

Leo Alessio

Alright! Hopefully I clarified everything up for you. My focus was to only stick to one sword, believe it or not- I guess I just worded it poorly. Examples and limits have been added, and the appearance description now meets the requirement.

4 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:04 pm


- I'm terribly sorry, but I seemed to have omitted a word which has made you do more work than what I wanted you to do.
What I meant was I wanted you to give me the limit to the range of abilities provided by the souls. So, like combat, or healing, buff, debuff, etc.
Keep in mind magics have a single focus.

5 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:40 pm

Leo Alessio

No need to apologize, my friend. Hopefully my edits now are to your liking.

6 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:13 pm


You don't have the negative characteristic of Bravado, therefore you don't need to restrict yourself from defense. If you don't want to change, this app is approved.

(that is to say, "offense but no defense" is not exactly what I meant by single focus)

7 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:26 pm

Leo Alessio

Thanks for clarifying this. I believed I cleared everything up as a result, so like you said, this should be approvable.

8 Re: Leo Alessio [Complete] on Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:14 pm



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