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1 Alexander Vaan on Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:10 pm

Alexander Vaan


   “The road to redemption is a long and difficult path, and it is one I'm going to see the end of.”


Name(s): Alexander Vaan
Nickname(s): Alex
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 5
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: D
Guild: Guildless(for now)
Tattoo: Center of the back of neck
Face Claim: Tatsuya Shiba; The Irregular at Magic Highschool


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195lbs
Hair:Black; Medium length, semi-cared.
Eyes: Sky-Blue
Description: Alexander is a tall and slender young man. A man, leaving most of his to the mind rather than the body, expresses a more toned muscle mass comparative to most people.  The usual outfit for Alexander usually consists of his custom white uniform, a set that looks similar to a school uniform with jacket and all. On other occasions he has been known to where a suit that consists of a red button up with black outer-wear. These outfits tend to keep his somewhat pale skin from burning in the sun all too often. Alexander also tends to wear a holster for his revolver hidden under his jackets, usually near the upper-middle portion of his left side for easier draw speed. Also to note, on the ring finger of his right hand, reveals a black ring embedded upon the finger. This is the ring that was found by him as a child.


Personality: Alexander is a man with the kindest of intentions, and tries to act upon them as much and the best that he could possibly can. He feels obligated some what to act this way, though it still is his way. Alexander to put it shortly, out of combat, is a hard-working man who tries his best to regain the 'humanity' that he lost years ago.
As for his combat, and this ever so slightly wavers into his social standard depending upon the circumstances, tends to delve between two spectrum. On one side, and the preferred side, Alexander tends to exude that of a knight wanting an honorable battle and doing what he can to give one. When he participates during this kind of fight, he is just as nice and encouraging as he would normally be, though keeping a calm and collective head. Even if he were to fight someone considered an enemy, he would tend not to underestimate or banter them, wishing to stay on guard the entire time.
Now as for the other side, the part of him he is constantly trying to change. As he ring merged within him, he adopted a sadistic nature. This nature shows mostly only during combat, but does get it's limelight during certain scenarios. When in this state of mind, he looses any moral standpoint against his opponent wanting only to see them bleed.
-To find a new family, one that fully accepts him.
-To atone for his sins fully.
-To fully master his magic, and to use it at maximum strength to defend the ones he finds dear
-To live through the nightmare that was the murder of his family.
-To be the cause of burden to those he hopes to call family.
-To fall into the darkness the ring possesses.
-Tests of skill
-Unjust killing
-The Dishonest
-Country music
Positive Characteristics:

  • Zealot[Rapier(Name: Kurimuzon Shōkan)] (+4): This person has trained themselves to wield a specific type of weapon. This weapon can be mentioned behind the Zealot feat within brackets to claim it upon approval.
    Explanation: Player is capable of wielding a weapon and receives one at start. The starter weapon is always common and without any magical properties but may upgraded later on.

  • Swift (+3): You are fleet of foot. When running, you move faster than most people.
    Explanation: C-rank speed buff passive.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Bruise Easily (-2): Each time you take bludgeoning damage, including that from falls, you take more damage than any other person.
    Explanation: You will take extra damage from bludgeoning damage, whether it was done through a spell or not. The damage received from bludgeoning damage is increased by one class if it's a spell.

  • Fragility (-2): Due to a serious vitamin deficiency in your youth (or something similar), your bone structure is unnaturally weak, and you are overly thin.
    Explanation: You will your bones easily when confronted with bludgeoning damage that is B or higher.

  • Derangement/Insanity (-3): Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are permanently insane. You may have a congenital brain disorder, or perhaps you saw something mortals were never intended to lay eyes upon, and it drove you mad. Choose a Derangement/Insanity for your character from the lists below. Though the list is by no means exhaustive, the following options are ones that have been presented in game terms and that have definable--and most times numerical--penalties.

    • Depression: Symptoms of this illness include changes in appetite, weight gain or loss, too much or too little sleep, persistent feeling of tiredness or sluggishness, and feelings of worthlessness or guilt, leading in severe cases to hallucinations, delusions, stupor, or thoughts of suicide.
      Explanation: You gain 10% less Jewel from Requests.


Magic:Dämon-Kunst: Blitz-König
Type: Caster
Element: Lightning
Description: Blitz-König is a caster magic utilizing the element of Lightning. With the magic being altered and infused with the ring embedded in Alexander's finger, its natural is now corrupted and has a dark purple hue to it. It uses a mixture of unarmed spells and techniques utilizing a sword. It both contains the elemental strengths and weaknesses that most all lightning magic have.


History: The young man was born into a small family in the woodland country side, with the nearest town being no closer than twenty miles. The small family of four, his father, mother, and brother, lived the life of hunters scavenging the land for food and resources. His life, and the life of his family was dull for the most part, keeping to themselves and ever so often heading to the town for necessary supplies.

As time went by and the two children grew up, they started to explore more and more often. Alexander was the more adventurous of the two brothers, but was considerably weaker physically compared to his brother. Whether it was due to the differences is physical prowess or some other notion, his brother was the dominantly favored son. One day, as Alexander was exploring the wilderness by himself, he stumbled upon a abandoned ring lying within a clearing in the trees. The ring itself was made of a clean and shining platinum, untouched by the corrosion and weathering of the nature. Though unknown to him, the ring possessed magical power and had a mind to its own.

As Alexander returned to his home, now wearing the ring, his inner hatred started to very slowly sprout within his mind. This process starting from this day took a long time to come to fruition by the ring. As time went by and days rolled on through, the ring not only awoken Alexander's deepest emotions but seemingly fused into the boy's skin. The ring also brought about a hidden power within Alexander, somewhat as compensation for the show it would soon receive.

Soon after time passed, and the ring had finished embedding itself inside leaving nothing but a black ring where it once was, Alexander had committed his worse sin. During the day, he snapped and went upon a rampage on his family. He showed no mercy as he not only murder them, he mutilated, dismembered and just generally tortured them. After it was all said and done, it left Alexander conflicted and started him down a path that none ever wish to walk. As days went by and nightmares came and pass, Alexander learned of the terrible artifact that he had discovered and made it his goal to conquer its powers and to find salvation for himself.

As his travels went on, Alexander stumbled upon a man who he thought could follow and depend upon. The man was Illiad and the guild he lead, Dragon Maw, was his next step. He would take all his determination to join this guild owned by the man who completely took Alexander's admiration by storm.

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2 Re: Alexander Vaan on Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:23 am

Illiad Odyssey

I approve him to be in Dragon Maw

3 Re: Alexander Vaan on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:14 am

Irelia Fleur

Huh, I actually have absolutely no problem with this. I could be picky and ask you to change the Magic to Holder, since if I understood correctly your magic basically revolves around modifying the appearance, damage, etc, of your Zealot weapon, but I don't like pulling apps because of insignificant details such as this one.

4 Re: Alexander Vaan on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:29 am



I need to pull this.

You can't join Dragon Maw, in fact nobody can right now. There is a maximum of 5 guild members in a single guild before upgrades. This will be explained in the rules in a bit. Dragon Maw has reached this limit.

So, you'll need to change your app accordingly. Sorry!

5 Re: Alexander Vaan on Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:22 pm

Alexander Vaan

Please inform me how that is a sound thing to do in a FairyTale based site where guilds are big things. Not to mention if your going to state a rule, it is quite liked to get a link, not just word. No one I'm talking knew of this rule and quite frankly I'm irked that im limited from a guild that not only has people I know and was greatly happy to rp with, but also people I've met and again hope to rp with. Please tell me the sense that this rule make.

6 Re: Alexander Vaan on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:32 am

Hikaru Nakamura

We'll, it hasn't been posted yet but its better for it to be denied now then having guild masters pick and choose members to kick out. We renovated the entire concept of a guild. Guild are no longer just a static object like in the past, but now they're more dynamic. Being in a guild and having it will actually matter, and what you do for it will also too.

7 Re: Alexander Vaan on Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:38 am

Alexander Vaan

1)I'll comply with this "unstated" rule so I don't get flamed for having an opinion and 2) for the same of continuity if one is going to enforce a rule, regardless of an rp site or life in general, its generally expected to be written somewhere. Things like today where I was told this I got really pissed, still am, and its reasonable. No one likes hidden rules, especially with apps as they take time and thought. Please in the future make rules like this clear or help the man out

8 Re: Alexander Vaan on Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:17 pm

Alexander Vaan

Bump for re-check after minor edits

9 Re: Alexander Vaan on Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:21 pm



10 Re: Alexander Vaan on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:59 pm


Moved Upon request

11 Re: Alexander Vaan on Tue Feb 23, 2016 9:04 pm

Alexander Vaan

Edits Made:
1)Zealot - Exchanged Revolver for Rapier(Named)
2)Magic - Exchanged Waffe Zauber with Blitz-König

12 Re: Alexander Vaan on Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:11 pm



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