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† †
† †__________________________________________________
† †ďHand over your cookies and no one gets hurt.Ē
† †


Name(s): Soul
Nickname(s): Cookie Monster.
Age: Eighteen.
Gender: Male.
Birthday: October 23rd.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Rank: D
Guild: Guildless.
Tattoo: Back of neck.
Face Claim: Aizen Kunitoshi - Touken Ranbu


Height: Five Foot Nine.
Weight: One Hundred & Forty-Seven Pounds.
Hair: Red.
Eyes: Amber.
Description: Soul is a red-haired teenager with a lithe build, though he does stand at five foot nine with an appropriate weight to match it. Thatís to say the boy is far from muscular, but he isnít scrawny by some miracle, but that doesnít mean heís a joke in the physical department. His most noticeable physical trait would be his fiery red hair which is short, with the exception of his bangs, and messy. Next would be his amber eyes which some may say are shaped like an almond.

When it comes to clothes, Soul turns to one particular outfit that he has don in some manner throughout his life. Consider it his signature look if you will, one thatís rarely altered and so is consistent. For starters, he wears a multicolored shirt with a picture of what appears to be a god, it starts off as yellow and slowly descends into a reddish orange colour. Thrown over that is a black jacket with a gold collar. Black pants secured to his waist by a red rope is paired with the shirt and black shoe. Black wrist bands with a golden band finishes of the look.


Personality: Soul has proven himself to be quite the nuisance in Roncello, the boy pulling an embarrassing amount of pranks on the unsuspecting populace that has left a few people wishing to wring his neck. He has also proven himself a responsible person, having watched over small children, care for his grandmother, and even maintained a job in order to support himself and his grandmother. As to what you receive when asking about this boy, the responses can definitely vary as seen above, but the most typical description would be of a friendly, fun loving boy that liked to see other people smile even if it was at the expense of another person. Heís confident in just about everything he does, but he isnít cocky. Heís, after all, a surprisingly humble guy, though he isnít the sort of person to downplay his role in things.

Though, heís also a boy who has taken it upon himself to support his family upon the death of his mother. He has stolen in the past, but that was so he and his grandmother didnít go hungry and he begun doing honest work when he was old enough to be trusted and since then he has shown himself to be a hardworking fellow.
Motivations: Soulís primary motivation is his grandmother, the woman he has tasked himself with caring for since his mother passed away. This is to say that some of his actions are in some way connected to helping the elderly woman.
Fears: Soul, of course, fears losing the only piece of family he has left and that would be his grandmother. He also fears disappointing the woman.

He also fears not getting out of the class he was born into. He moved to Ulassai because there werenít many opportunities to earn money in his previous home and so, it would be a shame if he were unable to secure himself a steady source of income.

  • Pranks
  • Money
  • Ignorance


  • Being cheated
  • Wasting anything
  • Humorless people
  • Killing

Positive Characteristics:

  • Diligent (+2): Your meticulousness allows you to analyze minute details that others miss.
    Explanation: Reduces training cost of spells by 10% in word cost.
  • Nimble Fingers (+2): You are adept at manipulating small, delicate objects. This involves things such as a small mechanics and locks.
    Explanation: Capable of picking all locks except magically sealed items.
  • Regeneration (+4): You heal very fast inside and outside of combat. Small cuts that go up to one inch deep are healed in the next post.
    Explanation: C-rank damage healed every post.
  • Stealthy (+3): You are particularly good at avoiding notice. You could be sitting somewhere in a thread at a bar and people wouldn't even notice that you were there.
    Explanation: You are able to blend into a crowd, and those entering threads cannot initiate conversation with you until you speak or state your presence in an obvious matter by doing something that draws the attention of others.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Allergies (-1): You are afflicted with allergies. These may be something as simple as hay fever, but the reactions to such will result in something like a huge bout of sneezing and gasping. You must mention this allergy in your character application.
    Explanation: Whenever this allergy comes into play you must suffer the consequences. The allergy must be something that can actually come and not something strange and unique.
  • Careless (-1): For some reason, people always seem to escape your clutches. You don't understand how that's possible. After all, you throw them into your easily escapable deathtraps before leaving them alone with your bumbling guards while you wander away for no apparent reason. You just can't manage to do a great job at anything.
    Explanation: You can never capture a person. This means that any type of request or roleplay involving capturing is out of the question for you. No matter how great you were throughout the roleplay, you will do something that allows the other to escape at the moment supreme.
  • Dark Secret (-1): You have some sort of secret that, if revealed, would make you an outcast amongst your society and companions. While this secret is on your mind at all times, it will come up in topics only once in a while, but when it does, watch out!
    Explanation: You must think about your dark secret at least one out of ten posts. When things that are relevant to the dark secret are brought up you can't stop thinking about it.
  • Dependent (-3): You have a ward or charge that depends on you, usually a young child or elderly relative that needs you to provide for them and devote at least part of your time to them. In money terms, this will cost you five percent of your jewels a month. You may also be required to stay near home often in case you are needed.
    Explanation: You will be placed on a list and at the end of the moment five percent of your jewels will be deducted.
  • Derangement/Insanity (-3): Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are permanently insane. You may have a congenital brain disorder, or perhaps you saw something mortals were never intended to lay eyes upon, and it drove you mad. Choose a Derangement/Insanity for your character from the lists below. Though the list is by no means exhaustive, the following options are ones that have been presented in game terms and that have definable--and most times numerical--penalties.
    Mania: The character has a fairly constant euphoric or possibly irritable mood. Symptoms include a general increase in activity, talkativeness, increased self-esteem to the point of delusion, decreased need for sleep, being easily distracted, willingness for dangerous or imprudent activities , delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behavior.
    Explanation: †Character must be affected by their mania once every three posts.
  • Greedy (-1): Money makes your eyes light up with joy. The more, the merrier, as long as it spends. Once in a while, whenever you're divvying up shares of the loot, being offered a hefty bribe, or catching wind of some fabulous treasure, the flaw can to convince you to grab for as much money as possible.
    Explanation: You may act differently when money comes into play.
  • Merciful (-1): For a villain, you have a terrible weakness--you don't like to hurt people. Given the choice, you'd rather exile your deposed brother to another country than do him in. Whether this is because you want him to live knowing that you beat him, or whether you just have a small soft spot down in your heart somewhere, the result is the same: your enemies keep coming back again and again.
    Explanation: You are unable to ever kill someone, NPC or otherwise. This means Requests that specifically request slaying a beast or person cannot be done by you.


Magic: Lightning
Type: Caster.
Element: Lightning
Description: Lightning Magic is a branch of Elemental Magic that utilizes electricity, more specifically, lightning, as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their bodies, and manipulate them, even shaping their attacks as they wish. Users of Lightning Magic are also capable of utilizing lightning from a distance, such as from the ground near them,or down from the sky. Lightning attacks work by electrocuting the opponents to various degrees, and there are spells that are said to be capable of completely paralyzing enemies, due to the extremely high voltage of the electricity employed in their use. Because of the high amounts of light produced with its use, Lightning Magic can also be utilized to blind opponents, albeit for a short amount of time


History: Soul, what an odd name to give to a child, one that would, without a doubt, make him the butt of many jokes, but a name the new single mother, Irene, gave to her son nonetheless. Born in the city known as Roncello, he wasnít born into the most advantageous position. His family which consisted of his mother, grandmother, and himself werenít poverty stricken, but they also werenít that well off. His father? Some man that his mother had a one night stand with according to her, though in actuality she never told her lover that she was pregnant. Either way, Soulís father would not be present in his life.

Despite their circumstances, his mother and grandmother did their best to provide for the boy even if that meant they went hungry. The smile on his face was enough to fill their hearts with joy and so, it was only natural that the two women strove to maintain it. Because of his motherís wishes to shield him from the truth of their circumstances, Soul grew up unaware of their dire situation. He interacted with the local children, harassed the farmers, and pulled pranks on the unsuspecting citizens of Roncello. He was a happy child, one that hardly took anything seriously and fiercely protective of the two women in his life.

Thatís until he turned eleven. It was a little after his eleventh birthday when his mother became ill. Though his mother tried to ensure him she was alright, he did not believe her for her appearance said otherwise. Yet, for her, he pretended to believe her until he couldnít, his mother eventually becoming bedridden. He watched as she deteriorated before his eyes, her condition becoming worse with each passing day until she could no longer hold on. She passed away.

With only his grandmother left, Soul took it upon himself to care for the elderly woman. Too young to work the fields, he resorted to stealing during the chaos caused by his pranks. If his grandmother asked where he got the food, he would lie and say a kind neighbor gave it to him. She would be disappointed in him if he were to tell the truth and so, he kept it to himself. His thievery would continue for the next three years, the boy finding someone who would pay him to care for their children whilst they were out in the fields for a decent amount of money at the age of fourteen. It was a job he maintained for two years, giving it up in favour of working the field which he did for the next two years.

Now eighteen with a decent amount of money saved, Soul felt old enough to leave his home in search of better work. Not wanting to leave his grandmother in Roncello alone, he convinced her to travel to the city of Ulassai. There they would settle in an apartment which is where his story begins.

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