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1 Satsuki Chi Ito on Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:59 pm



   "I can only wait for the final amnesia; the one that can erase an entire life."


Name(s): Satsuki Chi Ito
Nickname(s): "Chi" "Ito"
Age: 16
Gender: M
Birthday: May 15th
Sexuality: Pan-Sexual
Rank: D
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: The guild tattoo is located in the small of his back and silver in color.
Face Claim: Soramaru Kumo - Laughing Under The Clouds


Height: 165 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair: Satsuki has short, messy black hair with a red tip at one of his bangs.
Eyes: He has black eyes which seem to tint red when agitated due to the aggressive flow of blood vessels.
Description: Satsuki has a slightly fit build; his body shows little muscle tone, but also little fat. He is usually seen wearing traditional Japanese clothing with a symbol gracing the back. His clothing reflects the one samurais' wear, with the exception of the red and black hoodie he dons as a part of his upper attire. Satsuki's colour  combination is mainly black and red. His feet are often bare, but sometimes slightly protected by a pair of wooden sandals. These shoes are made of sanded oak wood with black leather straps. Covering the boy's wrists and forearms are green bandages; as they don't come off but once in a while, the area beneath is generally a mystery to Satsuki's acquaintances. All in all, Ito's daily clothing may change in design and pattern, however, the article will always remain the same and the pattern will always be a variation of black, red, and white.



  • Open Book - Satsuki is an extremely agreeable person. Hiding nothing but the scars on his arms, he will share anything and everything with those few people he considers his family; this family happens to be whomever he is teamed up with as he has no present memory of his past.

  • Pet Peeve - Agitated when people refer to him by his first name due to it's feminine nature, Satsuki clings to it as his only tie to the past. Those who know him well enough often dub him as "Chi" or "Ito", occasionally dropping his first name to encourage a reaction.

  • Determination - Although he doesn't like to fight, giving up or giving in is one action in which Satsuki Ito does not partake, which can be incredibly dangerous. On more than a few occasions, the wizard nearly died due to the fact that he refused to stop fighting, even though he knew his life was at risk.

  • Loneliness - Apart from his bad reputation, Satsuki doesn't have much of an evil heart. To him, any person or group is better than being alone, no matter what the reason or circumstance may be.

  • Dependable - No matter what the job or mission may be, Satsuki is always ready to go. He may not show it, but he will go to great lengths for those he considers to be his family.

Motivations: Satsuki is motivated by his present and will stop at nothing find a home for himself. The teen swears to himself that when he finds a family, he will do everything in his power to protect them and keep them close.

  • Isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Being Lost


  • Puzzles
  • Challenges
  • Making Memories


  • Sloth
  • Weakness
  • Rashness

Positive Characteristics:

  • Regeneration (+4): You heal very fast inside and outside of combat. Small cuts that go up to one inch deep are healed in the next post.
    Explanation: C-rank damage healed every post.

  • Fortitude (+3): You are tougher than normal. You can take more hits than the regular Joe.
    Explanation: Players have a C-rank endurance buff passively.

  • Zealot [(+4) Sword]: This person has trained themselves to wield a specific type of weapon. This weapon can be mentioned behind the Zealot feat within brackets to claim it upon approval.
    Explanation: Player is capable of wielding a weapon and receives one at start. The starter weapon is always common and without any magical properties but may upgraded later on.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Amnesia (-1): You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself, or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. The rest of the flaws you pick are unknown to your character; over the course of your progress, your character will slowly discover them.
    Explanation: You can't refer to anything about your past. The rest of your flaws or not nulled by this characteristic but rather unknown to your character.

  • Inattentive (-1): Your mind has a habit of drifting off at inopportune moments. It flits from one thought to the next so fast that you have trouble getting it to concentrate on the here and now. As such, you are particularly unaware of your surroundings.
    Explanation: You must drift off at least one out of five posts.

  • Bad Reputation (-1): You have a reputation that angers or frightens people. Examples include being unlucky, petty, or cruel. The rep may or may not be accurate, but in either case, word travels faster than you do.
    Explanation: You can't communicate easily with non player characters. Somehow they've heard of you and the things they've heard weren't too good. (Satsuki's family name, Ito, is known in several cities as a name to distrust due to their history in scamming)

  • Curiosity (-1): You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, alas, your curiosity overrides your common sense. This forces you to investigate something unusual, even if it looks like it might be dangerous.
    Explanation: You will walk deeper into the forest you have never been before. You won't turn around from the castle that you have never seen. This can result into getting you into very dangerous situations.

  • Harbinger of Ill Omen (-1): You seem to be cursed to forever bump into a specific person, time and time again. Each time you do, something bad happens not long afterward. This person in no way does this purposefully, it just happens with alarming frequency.
    Explanation: You will have character assigned to you by roleplay department of staff who will enter you threads randomly from time to time. When this happens, staff will change the conditions of your thread against you. Such as heavy storm, avalanches or beasts catching onto your smell.

  • Misfortunate (-1): Lucky breaks are something that happen to other people. Your luck isn't terrible; you wouldn't have survived as long as you have if it were. It just isn't very good. Look at it this way: if you need some blind luck to get you out of a sticky situation, expect to be sticking around for a while.
    Explanation: You cannot receive any bonus rewards from Requests.

  • Proud (-1): You don't like accepting help from others. If a gift or offer of aid smacks of charity or pity even the slightest bit, you grow indignant and refuse it.
    Explanation: You win 10% less jewels from wheel spins.

  • Reckless (-1): You lack the emotion of fear. Unfortunately, it is often an important cue that keeps men from doing foolhardy things. Sure, you don't flinch at the sight of even the most hideous monster, but neither do you feel the need to run away when outclassed.
    Explanation: You can never flee from a fight with someone who is stronger than you.

  • Righteous (-1): The end justifies the means. You are willing to perform morally repugnant actions in order to achieve noble goals. Unfortunately, this can alienate those people who might support your cause if you didn't use such heavy-handed methods.
    Explanation: Your beliefs guide you so strongly that you are willing to kill an entire village that's harboring a thief, if it kills the thief too.

  • Trusting (-2): You don't like to believe that other people are capable of misleading and lying to you. After all, people are basically good, right?
    Explanation: If someone lies, you automatically believe it.


Magic: Spirit Edge
Type: Caster
Element: None
Description: Spirit Edge is a holder-type magic using a sword. This is not to be confused with the more powerful requip magic as mages in this class must have the weapon on their person in order to cast spells. Satsuki's particular brand of magic uses a sword with the metal attribute. Attacks range from adding a buff to the weapon, strengthening its melee power to hacking into the air and having the destructive force follow a straight line in the direction chosen. Defensive attacks can be as simple as using your magic energy to strengthen the sword enabling it to absorb enemy spells.




The Ito family was a small one with only one family line known, Satsuki's family; this line contained three children, all males, and their adoptive parents. Ito Jiro, the head of the household, was a tall, slender man. He was graced by shoulder length black hair and was always seen clean shaven. Always standing by Jiro's side was Ito Tsuki. Wife to Jiro for twenty five long years before adopting their first child, Tsuki was taller than most women, yet as thin as her sons. Gou, Satsuki's oldest brother was adopted at the age of three from Daverio as the family passed through. Not one for staying put, Ito Jiro and Tsuki were constantly going from town to town and selling counterfeit merchandise, making it long enough between each visit that they hopefully could not be remembered. Two years after Goy was adopted, Satsuki joined the Ito family from Romcello and three years further down the line, Ritsu was selected in Torino. The family continued to travel, swindling passers by and having a good laugh afterwards. Even though Satsuki didn't wholly agree with what his family did, they were all he had and the boy loved them very much.


As a young child, Satsuki spent the time until he was able to safely walk on his own on his mother's back. He was extremely energetic, constantly whining if he had to stay in one place for too long. After the boy turned five, his father and mother bought him a wooden katana, or Bokuto. The boy played around with this for a few months until he begged Jiro and Tsuki to buy him a real katana for his birthday. They complied, though the sword was used and of fairly poor quality, and Satsuki had never been happier. In each town he searched for hours attempting to find a swordsman who could teach him a technique or two. Though most only taught him the basics, Satsuki never gave up and continued to train on his own during the family's travels.

If there was one thing aside from training that Satsuki loved, it was meeting people, the boys parents used him as bait to lure customers over to their booth, which would be abandoned the very next day. This was the case in many towns until the boy reached the age of eight, in which case Ritsu took over as the cute mascot. Even though his parents didn't explicitly ask him to, Satsuki continued to "get lost" and ask strangers to help him find his parents, thus luring more customers into the day trap. Gou, the oldest brother, stood guard in case anybody decided to pick a fight with the Ito's , or heaven forbid, demand their money back. The children were never taught to read, write, or do math. Jiro thought that it was best if they're sole instruction was on their sleazy business practices and how to defend themselves.

At the age of nineteen, Gou decided that it was time he settled down and explained to his family that he was tired of going from place to place, never making any real ties. By the way he spoke, it was obvious that the boy had made up his mind. From their last swindle, the Ito family travelled to Torino where they rented Gou a small cottage in the nearby surrounding forests. They all spent a few nights there, which to Satsuki felt great seeing as he would likely not see his brother for a very long time. After leaving the area, Ritsu and Satsuki moped for weeks. They wouldn't even put their whole heart into bringing in customers, tearing down the family's business one dreary day at a time.


After three solid weeks of silence and sad faces, Jiro decide that it was time to get the boys' minds off of their brother. The family settled down for a bit, renting a home in Valderice for a week. Not one day after deciding to stop and teach the boys magic, Jiro brought Satsuki and Ritsu out into a nearby park holding a freshly sharpened knife in his hand. Satsuki felt uneasy about what might happen, but he trusted his father and decided to hear him out. Gashing the palm of his hand, Jiro brought blood to his palm and forearm, almost covering it. Not too long after this gruesome sight, which cause Ritsu to faint and Satsuki to vomit, a crimson red magic circle appeared and the knife glowed with a dark energy. Jiro later explained that this magic used spells to strengthen a mage's weapons with varying effects.
A few days after they had begun learning the basics, Satsuki decided to see what could be done with a large amount of fresh blood. Rather than simply strengthen the steel, he decided to try something different, but instead impaled his shoulder by accident. His brother saw this and ran to get the help of their mother and father. Rushing Satsuki to the hospital, Jiro knew they wouldn't be able to afford the bill and also knew that meant they'd have to skip town for a few days and return after Satsuki had healed, but what he didn't know was that the amount of blood lost threw Satsuki into a month long Coma. This comatose state left Satsuki with no memory of his family or travels. He awoke with nothing but the story the nurses told him. They had said that he plunged a katana into his body in an attempt to use a spell beyond his skill level. A week after waking up, Satsuki left the hospital, being unable to pay he had to leave discreetly, but it had to be done if he was to begin his adventure.

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2 Re: Satsuki Chi Ito on Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:55 am


Hello there!

  • What would the color of your guild tattoo be?
  • Personality: I like the idea of character traits, but unfortunately you are 10 words short (200 words minimum) so you might wanna add a trait or two!
  • Please be a little bit more specific with your "Motivations". Is there anything else that motivates him? Or does he really have only one goal in life?

Negative Traits:

Reputation: What is your bad reputation? What are you known for? Please add those informations behind the trait.

Also, you have 13 negative traits and 11 positive traits. Feel free to take out 1-2 negative traits, there isn't really a point in putting yourself at such disadvantage. Note that some of those will mostly affect OOC situations, such as the "Misfortunate" trait. You can roleplay your character as being misfortunate in certain situations without that trait, of course. Same with the "Proud" trait and the "Nightblindness" trait. Plenty people, such as myself, use Darkness Magic because it is quite versatile.

Also, you shouldn't have more than 12 points anyways (in positive as well as in negative traits).


Okay, to clear this up. It's called "Blood Make" - not Blood Manipulation. If you can make it, you can manipulate it too, of course. But you are talking a lot about how this Magic puts you at disadvantage for certain reasons and I'm here to tell you that that isn't necessary.

There shouldn't be disadvantages. There are simply things you will never be able to do with that Magic. And that's enough.

If you can "make" blood, you don't need to draw it from your own body or someone elses to enable yourself to attack/defend ect. You would be able to "create" more blood in your body, so you can use that extra blood to do fancy stuff.

"At the highest level, some spells can kill the user due to the sheer amount of sacrifice required, however each blood-make wizard may only know one of these spells."

It is best if you leave stuff like that out. Simply describe the Magic and what you can do with it. There might be someone else in the future who wants to have Blood Make Magic and they are not going to follow the rules and limitations you gave yourself.

ALSO: (important)
You can't draw blood from anything or anyone. Neither animals nor people. It's MAKER magic, again, not manipulation Magic. Even if it was, you couldn't do that because that's godmodding. :3

Describe what the magic actually does and how it works. (remove unnecessary information)
No drawbacks needed, but if you want them for plot purposes it is fine.

Bump when changes are made.

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Bumpeh Bumpeh Bumpeh

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Much better! Especially the Magic Description.

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Username changed to Satsuki

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Make your changes

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Bumpeh Bumpeh Bumpeh

Also, thanks for letting me alter it.

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