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We’re a unique Digimon role playing forum that takes place in a future from today’s media. When a great world war involving Digimon and human devastate earth’s ecosystem, the World Affair Digital Agency takes root to prevent Digimon misuse by anyone again. However, those that creep in the shadows will do all they can to ensure they don’t succeed. Which side would you take? Will you fight for salvation? Or will you fight for Destruction?

In this RPG styled digimon forum you have the ability to join Guilds and go questing with members in a party or solo the constantly updated quest choices. You'll be able to participate in Plot based quests facing powerful enemies represented by our veteran staff. With experience of up to 15 years. We encourage personal plots that build your own story and villains. Work with our veteran staff to build a personal plot that will make you a legend! Earn enough experience to level up and evolve to a new class of power! Grow enough and start your very own Guild. Gain materials to craft unique weapons to fit your character's style of combat! Melee, One Handed, Two Handed or Ranged! Use special items called chips to turn the favor of battle to you! Armor Evolve! DNA Evolve! Dark Evolve! Even Digi Xros! All forms of evolution are used!

Play as a solo Human character! A human with digital dna enhancing their physical capabilities to combat other humans and digimon alike! Play as a solo Digimon born and raised in the Digital World, partnerless but with the ability to team up with solo human characters as partners! Play as Hybrid! A unique human who's digital dna is coated in a specific element derived from the original 10 Warriors! (Limited availability!), Just want to play as a human with a digimon partner? We offer that to! The Partner type is your usual player controlled human and digimon! If your looking for something that is a little more original then play as a one of a kind Anima type character! A bio engineered human and digimon cross breed! You can find all information regarding each type on the forum!

Play all 5 types on one account! Or if you prefer create a new account for each character! Either is fine!
No Word Counts!

Fully active administrative staff is available to address all concerns any member may have!

We are a small but active member base!

Digimon World Affair is constantly growing with new ideas and systems and we very much value the say of our members. It will be our forum and as such any input from the members to better our forum is encouraged. We hope that you join us today!

We're also on Tapatalk for smartphones!

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