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1 The Peak of Hope [LB] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:45 pm

Razzle Dazzle


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Before Despair, there was simply a school full of the most talented students from all around the world.  Before the killing games, there was fun and laughter in the halls of Hope's Peak, no threat in sight, except for the few who could see it coming, see the despair lurking in the shadows.  

But for now, all it is, is a school.  A school for students who are the best high schooler in the world in a particular field, or with a particular talent.  They are the Super High School Levels, and they go to Hope's Peak free of charge

It is the beginning of the school year.; A full new set of newcomers have arrived at Hope's Peak Academy filling in the Year 1 level of students, while there are always those who come back for their second, third, or fourth year at the prestigious academy.

Join us with your ultimate student, your ultimate faculty member, or simply a plain jane student who managed to pay their way into the school.

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