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1 Quasar Stone [Completed] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:03 pm

Quasar Stone


    “I shall shine light on the darkness of the past."


Name(s): Quasar Stone
Nickname(s): Quasi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 1st
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: D
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: The tattoo would be white in the palm of his right hand.
Face Claim: Ezreal; League of Legends


Height: 5'0”
Weight: 108lbs
Hair: Dusty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Description: Quasar carries himself like he is a lot older than himself. He most often wears simple pants, brown leather boots, a simple white t-shirt, and a fur lined shawl. The shawl contains both a hood that Quasar can pull over his head, and a leather clasp keeping it from flying off. He normally only pulls the hood over his head in inclement weather. Quasar also wears an arm brace on his left arm. The brace is a metallic silver in color and is used simply to provide support to his weaker arm. The brace provides nothing in the slightest of protection from attacks, merely just supporting his smaller fragile left wrist, allowing him to use it normally, just like any other average person. Aside from these things the only thing that accompanies Quasar where he goes is the pair of goggles his dad gave to him before passing away. He wears it on top of his head like a headband, as a memento of him, not even sure what his dad wore them for.

Quasar will dress for the occasions as needed. He doesn't mind wearing anything from formal attire to even a dress if he had to, so long as it helps him succeed at the current task, be it to dress to impress, or deceive and find out information.


**The following section will be what Quasar himself thinks and has to say on the matter. I don't know personally I feel the only way to know someone is to let them tell it themselves so off we go~

Personality: “I will do what I need to in order to do the right thing. I don't care if I break some silly law. Government is just something that is meant to be worked around not with. I keep things real, looking out for others and myself, well those that I care about, my father being among those. My father, even though he has passed away was the only family I ever had. He cared for me greatly, and well, he taught me the way of the world, and to never lose sight of my beliefs. Without him I wouldn't be who I am today, and I do like myself... Anyways enough about that. Dangerous situations sometimes happen, and during those times I find excitement. Ya know when they say the going gets tough, the tough get going? Ha, please I am just getting started when the going gets tough. I mean, how couldn't you, hopeless odds, high risk of injury or death. Truly nothing excites me more, well so long as it is me in danger, not my friends. I don't want to lose my friends, but gambling my own life and safety is something I do, mainly because I believe I will come out okay no matter what. 

     I don't really plan out my days, nor much of anything. I just go with the flow of things, think on my feet and improvise a lot. I will try anything once, but if I don't like it, don't expect me to try it again. I try to keep a straight face, to try and give off this aloof feel, but I believe I fail at hiding that as I am truly outgoing and inquisitive. I will shoot up conversations with complete strangers like we are the best of friends, waste the day with them and never even learn their name. “

Motivations:”I have only two motivations to do things. First my friends, without them your an outcast to society, rejected by all. Don't care what you say that ain't cool. The other thing that motivates me is the dream of one day finding a magic or way to completely heal my arm. I have yet to run across one with such powers, as it is beyond the capabilities of your average healer. “
Fears: “I have a few fears. They are as followed; spiders, losing a friend, and ancient magic. I already have one curse placed by ancient dark magics don't need another.”  
Likes: “What do I like? Simple I like to do what I want to do. I hate being told no. I also like being warm, helps me feel at home with my magic and all. I love having a good laugh with friends, and well doing anything with people. No I am not particularly fond of a certain food, have yet to find one that I really like or dislike. Granted I haven't had all the food possible, I plan to try one day to eat everything in this world. I love puzzles. I often can be seen solving puzzles from people, anything from a crossword to a sudoku, heck even simple jigsaw puzzles. I do all sorts of puzzles, because I find it fun, and usually because of puzzles I tend to be able to think on my feet a lot faster and not too reckless... though reckless is fun too so naturally I try and keep a bit of that in there too.”
Dislikes:”I dislike very few things, besides being told no. that is the big one. In union with the being told no, I tend to diss on authority, for they tend to be the ones always telling me no. I also hate money. Yeah I hate it, but I know it is a necessary thing in this world, I get that I have to exchange something to be able to acquire someone else's goods... What you thought I was cool with stealing? Hell no, I hate thieves just about as much as I hate liars. Thieves look out only for themselves, they take because they don't care about the law, but they also don't care about others, which is something, as long as you don't give me reason to hate you, I do. “
Positive Characteristics:

  • Alertness (+4): You have finely tuned senses.
    Explanation: Passive D Rank hearing, sight, and smell buffs.
  • Regeneration (+4): You heal very fast inside and outside of combat. Small cuts that go up to one inch deep are healed in the next post.
    Explanation: C-rank damage healed every post.
  • Swift (+3): You are fleet of foot. When running, you move faster than most people.
    Explanation: C-rank speed buff passive.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Bravado (-2): You are rash in combat, refusing to show weakness by falling back from your enemies' blows. You either face it and stop it, or get hit in the progress. In addition, you cannot fight defensively.
    Explanation: You can't create any defensive spells. Offensive spells are made to inflict damage while defensive spells do not inflict any damage at all and are made to prevent damage.
  • Bruise Easily (-2): Each time you take bludgeoning damage, including that from falls, you take more damage than any other person. 
    Explanation: You will take extra damage from bludgeoning damage, whether it was done through a spell or not. The damage received from bludgeoning damage is increased by one class if it's a spell.
  • Curiosity (-1): You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, alas, your curiosity overrides your common sense. This forces you to investigate something unusual, even if it looks like it might be dangerous.
    Explanation: You will walk deeper into the forest you have never been before. You won't turn around from the castle that you have never seen. This can result into getting you into very dangerous situations.
  • Daredevil (-2): You only really feel alive when you're staring death in the face. Your character is addicted to the thrill of death-defying stunts, pushing themselves to the limit at every available opportunity. 
    Explanation: You can't refuse the opportunity of engaging into combat with anyone or anything that is stronger than you. You also always volunteer and perform tasks that have a risk attached to them when you are in a group.
  • Proud (-1): You don't like accepting help from others. If a gift or offer of aid smacks of charity or pity even the slightest bit, you grow indignant and refuse it.
    Explanation: You win 10% less jewels from wheel spins..
  • Misfortunate (-1): Lucky breaks are something that happen to other people. Your luck isn't terrible; you wouldn't have survived as long as you have if it were. It just isn't very good. Look at it this way: if you need some blind luck to get you out of a sticky situation, expect to be sticking around for a while.
    Explanation: You cannot receive any bonus rewards from Requests.
  • Overconfident (-1): Nothing is beyond your capabilities. If you wanted, you could defeat the best swordsman in the world; you just haven't had any reason to do so yet. And surely that chasm isn't too wide for you to leap across.
    Explanation: You are easily goaded, and anyone attempting to taunt you will succeed.
  • Reckless (-1): You lack the emotion of fear. Unfortunately, it is often an important cue that keeps men from doing foolhardy things. Sure, you don't flinch at the sight of even the most hideous monster, but neither do you feel the need to run away when outclassed.
    Explanation: You can never flee from a fight with someone who is stronger than you.


Magic: Prismatic Light
Type: Caster
Classes: Offensive, Buff, Debuff
Element: Light
Description: Prismatic Light magic is a branch of Light magic that allows the caster to manipulate light waves of the visible spectrum, allowing for them to use multiple different colors. The particular color of the spell do not effect it in any way, it is merely a cosmetic approach to your everyday light magic. Any spell can be cast in any color, though if cast in a violet hue, the magic does no damage. This is do to the lack of energy within violet light. This allows the caster to practice spells and see their effects without damaging or destroying anything. The only times the colors do matter is when cast in a debuff blinding spell. This is unique to this branch of light magic, where a blind impairs your full vision. Which ever color the caster uses to cast their debuff spell, the people affected are now temporarily color blind to that color. Like any other Light magic, this branch goes even with Dark type magic.
Weaknesses: The flaws of this magic are apparent. It does not particularly gain a strength against any particular kind of magic, going even with Dark magic and pretty much everything else. Most light magic spells require a brief charge, which gives the attack away before using it. Also controlling light with magic has always been a finicky thing. While later spells can get really fast, they still cannot hit the true speed of light. Thus the spells are fairly easy to dodge early on. Light while it does decent for attacking, and the occasional buff, mainly a speed boost, it does not do that well defensively.


History: Quasar was the son of two magic artifact hunters, Dante and Julie. They traveled all across Fiore in search of magic artifacts from ages long since passed. They even decided to carry on their journeys after having Quasar. He was too young to remember these days with his mother. They traveled everywhere for about 2 years. They were a very happy family, exploring and full of wonder at the things they found. However on Quasar's second birthday things changes for the worse. While exploring ruins deep within the unexplored ruins of the dark woods, the Stone family came across a sign reading “Danger lies within. Do not wake it.”. Taking it as just another sign from the past, trying to scare people off from something secret, the family continued. They proceeded deep into these ruins eventually ending up in a big open room with no way out. A door seemed to be sealed shut on the opposite end. The family took a break. Julie let go of the young Quasar and told him to not run off. He nodded, and proceeded to run around the room just being a kid.

As he was in front of the sealed door though he lost his balance and fell. Instantly he started crying just like any kid would do. From behind the door a mighty screech sounded out throughout the ruins. The door burst open only to reveal an dark void. From within the void a long shadowy arm thrust forward and grabbed the source of the cry that had awakened it. Quasar was being dragged into the dark void of an ancient evil. Julie in shock, rushed forward with her motherly instincts trying to save her son. She grabbed onto her son and started pulling with all her might, but not before her son's left arm was already within. Quasar let out an agonizingly painful scream, as Julie struggled with all her might to save their son. She even started shouting out things like, “ Don't take my child, take me instead.”

Dante was trying to make his way over to his family, as he had been to shocked to move until now. Just as he made it over to them a deep low voice rang out across the room. None there could make out what it was saying as it spoke in the ancient tongue. Another arm thrust itself out of the void and pried Quasar out of his mother's hand. The arms then threw Quasar off into the direction of his father who immediately ran to go catch him. Julie however got grabbed by both the arms and pulled very abruptly into the void. Once she passed its threshold, the door slammed shut. Dante grabbed the now silent Quasar, as the shock of it all had made him go unconscious, and fled the ruins with as much haste as he could.

When he finally made it to safety he looked down at his son's arm. The void being that had pulled the arm in had started to consume the young child's arm. There was a gash right below the wrist and all the bones of his wrist and his radius were missing. He made it into the nearest town of Fiorano. Healers and medical professionals from around the country were summoned, as to the Stone family, whom had spent so much time finding artifacts and selling them, money was no problem.

They tried for several months, but could not fully heal Quasar's arm. They did get the bones to grow back, but they very frail and Quasar could not even lift up an apple without shattering the bones in his wrist again. The only way to heal the bones fully, was to find an ancient long lost healing magic that could remove the touch of darkness which still lingered around Quasar. The doctors erected up a brace for the young child's arm though, so he could attempt to live an ordinary life. The brace had so much magic pumped into it to give him the strength to lift up to 50 lbs with his left arm and be fine. Granted if he still jarred it would break fairly easily. The brace also was magicked to handle everyday use and also to grow with the boy's arm.

After his surgery and recovery was as complete as it would be Quasar had already turned the age of three. Him and his father traveled to Lovero, and took up residence outside of the town. The Quasar spent the vast majority of his life, helping his dad with trying to find a way to heal his arm. He told his father repeatedly that it was okay, that he was fine with his arm. Dante would not hear of it though. He searched for years determined to figure out what happened to the missing magic of old.

There were times that Dante got a lead, he would set off with Quasar and they would search for it. Quasar always made his father fearful, as he was growing into enjoying danger and Dante feared for his son's safety. So when his son started taking an interest in learning a magic, and showed the capabilities for being a mage around the age of 15, Dante decided to teach his son how to harness magic, the same one that he used, Prismatic Light. He only ever taught him ways to use that magic practically, and never how to fight with it. This was something Quasar asked his father about, and about the guilds of the realm. The reply he received is that once he turned 18 he was free to leave his father's side and go search out those answers themselves.

Right before his 18th birthday though, Quasar's father grew ill. Quasar did everything he could, but even when he called in the doctor, the doctor looked at him and said “Your old man has overworked himself, he is sick from the flu, yet his body cannot produce the antibodies it needs to fight it off. I would think about saying your farewells young man. All I can do is ease the pain. I am sorry.”

He watched over his dad, and on the day of his 18th birthday his dad looked at him and asked his son to take him back to his hometown to bury him. Quasar with tears in his eyes accepted. The one person that had cared for him for so long was leaving, and Quasar was very distraught over it. Quasar tended to making the preparations that were needed for him to leave and take his father to Valderdice from Lovero. That night his father did finally pass away. Quasar, with tears still in his eyes, loaded up his father into a coffin and set off.

Upon arriving at Valerdice Quasar immediately headed over to the graveyard. He talked with the groundskeeper there who agreed to let Quasar dig the plot himself. Quasar finished up and said his farewells to his dad. It was late and Quasar decided it would be best if he turned in for the night at a nearby in, deciding his next course of action.

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2 Re: Quasar Stone [Completed] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:28 pm


Welcome! Name's Yuno and I'll grade this app.

  • Height & Weight: Your character is about 152cm tall and weighs 80+kgs. According to that, your character would be extremly overweight - but his FC doesn't look overweight at all? You sure that Weight n height are supposed to be like that?
  • Eyes: You forgot to fill out what eye color yours is.
  • Merciful: Are you a villan? Do you have an evil alignment? What is your characters alignment? Your personality should reflect your evil alignment.

That's all I can find for now. Please make those changes and bump when you're finished.

3 Re: Quasar Stone [Completed] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:44 pm

Quasar Stone

Eyes: Missed that was supposed to be blue. FIXED
Weight: Silly me typed the numbers in wrong. Was supposed to be 108lbs to be average. FIXED

Merciful: Sorry didn't realize that was specific to evil doers. Quasar is very neutral in his stance on things, maybe a little chaotic sometimes, but he is no villain. Changed it to Proud instead. FIXED

Hope that takes care of everything.

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