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1 Un Nown StuckOnHistoryWIP on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:32 pm

Un Nown

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Name(s): Un Nown

  • The Lost
  • Harbinger of Ill Omen
  • The Blind Sword

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 1st
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: D
Guild: None
Tattoo: Back
Face Claim: (Full name character and show it belongs to)


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Grey
Before the incident, Un had a tanned complexion due to his many, outdoor adventures. His fights with dungeons lead his body to become somewhat muscular, specifically for traversing obstacle-riddled areas. His hair color was blonde and somewhat shined when he was in a good mood, as he always was. His attire consisted of light-colored clothing which also accentuated his physical features. His eyes were sky-blue and his demeanor always chipper. Fashion was a must for him at one point, but then an artifact he found turned him colorblind and gave him night blindness. Fashion was less important after the colorblindness set in, but he tried to match his attire all the same.

However, after the incident, his skin turned grey like ash. His hair followed suit and lost its luster, even under brilliant sunlight. His eyes lost their sky-blue sheen as well, turning into useless, grey lumps within his eye-sockets. His attire became rather drab and mismatched, wearing clothes that shouldn't normally go together. In order to hide his grey eyes, he now wears a blindfold. This helps those around him recognize his impairment. However, one thing that remained after the incident were his muscles. They are still in top physical condition, if not more so. Not superhuman but good looking all the same.

His demeanor before the incident was chipper. He always looked confident and knowledgeable. This positive temperament made him the target of tourists looking for places to visit or generally anyone who needed directions. However, with his past wiped from his head, Un could no longer retain his chipper demeanor. His temperament remained, but with the blindfold in place nobody is likely to ask for directions without snickering. In fact, the lost Un would greatly appreciate receiving direction instead.


Before the incident, Un was an adventurous individual. He loved exploring ruins and temples filled with obstacles. He may not have been magically proficient, but he was quite acrobatic compared to the average joe. He also loved being around other adventurers, eventually joining a specialized guild made to hunt treasure for profit and fun. Un personality let him interact with others easily, no awkward pauses or drawn out topics. He spoke his mind and loved to listen to other people's stories. However, he did get energy from being with a select few people rather than a crowd. More an introvert than an extrovert. However, he wasn't shy and kept an open mind.

Being a person of neutral standing but good at heart, Un helped those that asked for his help. Lost items were found in a matter of minutes if Un was asked to help. Un didn't like the idea of profit for his work but he couldn't find decent ways to make money with his specific skills. Therefore he only ever asked for a small fee rather than no fee at all. Living conditions weren't a problem for Un due to his travels across continents in search of adventure. He never stayed in one place longer than a week. After the colorblindness and night blindness set in, he chose his adventures a little more carefully.

He may have chosen his adventures cautiously, but just not cautiously enough. After the incident, Un lost his experiences and therefore most of his self-identity. He could still adventure, but he didn't know what that meant. Being blonder than before also stopped quite a few of his travels. He tries to stay in one places for long periods of time in order to get a feel for his environment. He frequents places far more often than a normal person and he stays along familiar paths. However, he doesn't use an apparatus for helping his blindness such as a walking stick or a guide-animal. He feel for an environment is quite unlike the average joe.

He stays in places far longer than just one week. However, he also tries to travel in search of his past that he knows cannot be remembered, ever. Un may not be able to remember anything, but that doesn't mean he'll give up searching. After all, his search may yield greater experiences than his unreachable past. Fortunately, Un isn't foolish enough to trust just anyone if they say anything related to his past. He'll try to gather facts and clues based on what he's found thus far. Un won't let anything get in the way of his search, not even his lost past.

However, above all, Un is a kind person. His alignment may shift between the various "good" categories, but he will more than likely be purely kind in a neutral sense. Both enemy and ally alike may be blessed with Un's kind personality. He tries not to be cold and certainly tries to be merciful. Pain isn't a concept Un can get behind, which tangentially attributes to his greatest fear.

Un is motivated to find his past, but not remember his past. Un knows he cannot remember his past and therefore simply wishes to piece his past together. Granted, Un also knows how impossible this task really is. Being unable to even guess what his past once was, much less have a clue to go from, puts Un at a severe disadvantage from the very start. However, Un knows that deep down, his past matters. After all, he wouldn't be where is is now if his past didn't exist.

Un's search motivates his desire to live on and travel, despite being at the greatest disadvantage. Whatever clues he finds he must simply trust or completely disregard. Nothing is certain due to his permanent amnesia. Not even his own name. Un's hopes do not falter, but his low chances of finding his past also do not falter. Un Nown's stubbornness is all he has left and he'll use it to it's fullest.

Un does not fear being unable to piece his past together. However, Un fears his past. What if his past is too bitter? What if his past is a lie? Many more questions circulate Un's fear, but he doesn't let his fear cripple him, to a degree. He is always vigilante of falsehoods, even if the truth hurts too much. Unfortunately, Un is also somewhat biased because of this fear. He'd rather pick a pleasant past than a hideous one.

If someone were to give him straws to grasp of equal length, Un would pick the prettiest straw. The length of the straws may be the same, but only one straw is the correct straw. Un's motivation drives him to seek the evidence-based clues, the straw of longest length. On the other hand, Un's fear drives him to seek the pleasant past, the prettiest straw.

Being similar to a newborn in terms of memory, Un doesn't have any specific likes. He prefers to experience everything that he can, as long as the search for his past isn't totally interrupted. He'll test different experiences in order to figure out what kind of person he truly is. In a sense, Un's greatest joy is finding a pleasant experience. He'll poke and prod the pleasant experience in order to figure out why he finds this experience to be pleasant.

Again, Un doesn't have any specific dislike. If he finds an experience unpleasant, he will try to understand the ins and outs of the unpleasant experience. Un search for his past is a difficult one, so even the most unpleasant experience needs to be dismantled and examined. However, there is another type of experience that Un dislikes. If anything gets in the way of his search, Un will dislike that thing.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Blind-Fight (+4)
  • Blindsight (+4)
  • Alertness (+4)

Negative Characteristics:

  • Blindness (-3)
  • Mute (-3)
  • Colorblind (-2)
  • Night Blindness (-2)
  • Harbinger of Ill Omen (-1)
  • Amnesia (-1)


Magic: Perfect Body
Type: Caster
Classes: Offensive, Defensive, Buff
Element: None

Description: Perfect Body Magic users have perfect control over the flow of mana throughout their body, hence the name. The control over mana is necessary since mana is used to strengthen the body such as but not limited to increasing speed, strength, endurance, and even the practitioner's senses. However, users of this magic are also capable of specialty techniques involving martial arts, almost like turning the body of the practitioner into a weapon. Practitioners of this magic generally believe they are using supreme martial art rather than magic.

Weaknesses: Being more martial art than magic means range is an issue. Users of Perfect Body Magic suffer against ranged fighters and must rely on defense and endurance to get through a battle. Ranged shock waves are capable feats using Perfect Body Magic, but their power is limited to mid-range.


Not everyone in this world is born with the capability to wield magic, Un being one of them. Un's body wasn't able to withstand the stress related to magic use. Therefore, Un trained himself physically in order to overcome this problem. After all, he wasn't especially clever so his physical prowess were all that kept him afloat. He took jobs related to physical activity such as moving things, delivering things, even searching for things using his sharp eyesight. Over time, these skills translated to adventurous tasks. He left his home at the age of eighteen, obviously worrying his parents in the process. Being alone in such a vast world both excited and frightened the young man. He'd never left his home town before and therefore didn't know where to start. Without the use of magic in a magically inclined world, Un Nown would need to find a living suitable for his skill set.

He moved from town to town, doing odd jobs here and there. His skill set limited him to manual labor, again related to the moving, delivering, and searching of things. The adventurous tasks haven't come just yet. Un didn't know what it meant to adventure. That is, until Un met Silvia...
Hard at work in Lovero, Un got a temporary job delivering goods such as mail, packages, and generally anything related. His job specifically entailed super quick deliveries, marathon style. Grabbing the delivery, sprinting towards one side of town, going back to get another delivery, and running towards another part of town. This process was done over and over again until all the packages were delivered, generally a few days before the deliveries were due. Un was acrobatic enough to par-core his way through and across Lovero!

Unfortunately, today was an especially busy day. There seemed to be a sudden influx of deliveries and Un was getting too exhausted. Un tried his best, but he eventually crashed into a young woman, around his age, with silver hair and a slender build. Both Un and the woman shook their heads but seemed to be just fine, physically. Un got embarrassed but had to focus on the pack of letter he needed to deliver.

"Ah! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you running. Let me help you with those letters."

The woman seemed kind. Her attitude embarrassed Un even more so. After all, not only was this woman attractive, she was tough yet sweet. Un noticeably blushed a little and didn't speak a word. He just picked of the mess of letters with the silver haired woman's help. The two of them got up, the woman apologizing as she handed Un the letters she was able to pick up. Un apologized without words, simply nodding a little in thanks. They didn't exchange anymore words and simply went about their way...
Fate must have introduced the two in such an awkward manner for a reason. They may have gone their separate ways that day, but they continued to bump into each other throughout Un's stay in Lovero. They didn't exchange names until their thirteenth encounter, Silvia doing the honors first. From then on, their conversations got a little longer, eventually slowing down Un's deliveries. Eventually Un asked Silvia to hang out with him in a more formal setting. She agreed and relations blossomed from there.

After getting to know each other quite well personally (and intimately), Silvia opened up about her affiliation with a Treasure Hunter Guild. Silvia brought up her guild ties in order to interest Un in joining. She knew Un would be perfect due to his athletic capabilities rather than his magic capabilities. After all, hunting treasure requires stamina and quick thinking more than magical prowess.
Silvia convinced Un to at least take a look at the guild and its members before turning down her offer. Un wasn't all too keen about the idea of hunting for treasure with a bunch of strangers. However, Un didn't outright turn down Silvia's offer due to Silvia herself. Un loved being around Silvia and if Silvia loved being in her guild, then perhaps Un could love the guild, too. Anyway, Un had left Lovero with Silvia and eventually arrived at the Treasure Hunter Guild Silvia spoke of.

"See? Isn't it as grand as I told you it would be? Let's go inside and introduce you to everyone."

Un hesitated a moment and thought about why he left his home to begin with; Un didn't like the idea of staying in one place for too long. He only stayed in Lovero longer than a week because of Silvia. Thankfully, Silvia noticed and understood Un's hesitation. Doing new things and meeting new people are experiences most people shy away from. Granted, knowing Un better than he knew himself allowed Silvia to confidently force him into the halls of her guild!

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