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1 Shin Katari (DONE) on Mon May 02, 2016 1:54 pm

Shin Katari


   “I've been through hell and back.”


Name(s): Shin Katari
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 3rd
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Right pectoral muscle | Amethyst
Face Claim: Edward Elric | Full Metal Alchemist
Reference: N/A


Height: 5'5" | 165 cm
Weight: 135 lbs | 61 kg
Hair: Golden-blond
Eyes: Gold
Description: Despite his age, Shin is a small man standing tall at 165 cm. His golden-blond hair is usually done up in a braid or ponytail, with his bangs separated in the middle and falling to the sides. Despite his short stature, he is built semi-muscularly, with a light skin tan. He also bears a steel right arm as a result of a successful amputation. The arm reaches up to his shoulder and leaves a series of scars spreading towards his sternum. In regards to his clothing, Shin wears a series of black outfits consisting of shirts, jackets, tanks, and usually trousers. Covering his feet are black boots. However, despite his different black outfits, he can always be seen carrying around a bright red, long-sleeved, hooded cloak that drops down to his calves. To complete his look, he conceals his right hand with a white glove but only when choosing to conceal the entirety of his arm.


Personality: Shin has a rather cold demeanor compared to most individuals. He is both stubborn and strong-willed, often allowing this determination to get the better of him. Furthermore, he shows signs of selfishness, generally acting out of self-interest which has earned him the label of being a cynic. In terms of term-work, he prefers to work alone as it allows him to act more freely. He has built a reputation of being foul-mouthed and not caring for who he offends. However, his worst trait would be his blunt attitude towards religion, calling those who worship a god "delusional".

Over the years, he has become largely hostile towards figures of authority, showing little incentive to follow orders or the law. The exception to this is when requests come into play as a generous reward can sway his mind. During combat, he is known to show respect to opponents of a similar strength. However, he despises those weaker than him and claims them to be a waste of oxygen.

He is not all malicious however. To those that he has become acquainted too and can call "friends", he can be gentler than he appears. If someone shows a sense of loyalty, he will return the same loyalty. In some rare cases, he will put aside his cynicism and provide aid to others but only in dire situations and if the need arises.  


  • Power: Rather cliché but it is a strong driving factor for Shin. Power separates the strong from the weak, and Shin wants to be known as one of the strongest mages, if not the strongest.
  • Creating a guild: This motivation requires a drive for power, something Shin has. He wishes to create a guild based around his ideals, bringing in mages from all over the country.


  • Reptiles: For as long as Shin can remember, he's had a strong fear of all reptiles including turtles and lizards. Something about their looks and scaliness gives him the jitters and if he comes into contact with a reptile, his body freezes on him.
  • Following a religion: Shin is rather blunt towards religion, calling it a false idea and calling those who believe in religion "delusional". His greatest fear is loosing this ideal and becoming a religious man, something he hopes never happens.


  • Drinking: What's a better stress reliever than drinking? When needing to relieve stress, Shin can be seen drinking to his hearts content. Not only does it allow him to relax, but it also makes him more "humane", making it easier to have a conversation with him.
  • Power: Power is what divides the strong from the weak and allows an individual to strive in life. More power leads to more respect and with this power, Shin believes he could do as he pleases.


  • Religion: Shin believes religion to be a false-concept, stating that there is no such thing as god. He even goes to greater lengths stating religion is a false-concept, created by those considered delusional.
  • Rules/Authority: Growing up, Shin has developed a strong sense of hostility towards figures of authority. He believes that law and order limit an individuals freedom, or more importantly his freedom. Therefore, he usually disregards laws as sign of resiliency.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Daunting Presence (+2): You are skilled at inducing fear in your opponents.
  • Fortitude (+3): You are tougher than normal. You can take more hits than the regular Joe.
  • Swift (+3): You are fleet of foot. When running, you move faster than most people.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Aloof (-1): Your manner is cold and unapproachable, distancing you from friends and strangers alike. Your preternatural intelligence lends itself to viewing others as slow-witted and a waste of your precious time. Your charisma is lowered.
  • Derangement/Insanity | Phobia (-3): A character afflicted by a phobia persistently fears a particular object or situation. Character is unable to face anything that has it's fear. [Reptiles]
  • Intolerance (-1): You have an irrational dislike of a certain thing. You must act very disgusted and displeased when your dislike comes into play. [Religion]
  • Overzealous (-1): You are incapable of having a weak opinion. Everything you believe, you believe as if your life depended on it. Everything you don't believe in, you hate with a passion.
  • Proud (-1): You don't like accepting help from others. If a gift or offer of aid smacks of charity or pity even the slightest bit, you grow indignant and refuse it.
  • Righteous (-1): The end justifies the means. Your beliefs guide you so strongly that you are willing to kill an entire village that's harboring a thief, if it kills the thief too.


Magic: Earth Magic
Type: Caster
Classes: Offense | Defense | De-buff
Element: Earth
Description: The caster uses the earth around them to attack or defend, giving the users a great deal of flexibility when using their Magic. Skilled users can manipulate the physical properties of earth, such as making sand as hard as metal, creating iron-hard rock pillars from the ground, or even bending the ground at will and turning it into a liquid form. Like other elemental Magics, some users can also transform their bodies to earth to travel through solid obstacles and underground (be it rock, concrete, or metal).
Weaknesses: Elementally, Earth magic suffers against fire and water magic. Despite its versatility in terms of offense and defense, Earth magic does nothing in the form of healing or buffing a user. While the user has the ability to burrow through the earth, they move at their natural speed, allowing other mages to still land attacks.


History: To say a person is shaped by their past experiences rings true to Shin. He was born into a depressing and dark household, the complete opposite of a loving one. As a young child, he would always wake to the screams and pleas of his mother. He lay under his bed sheets, hands clasped together as he prayed to god for the torture of his mother to stop. It would not be until a year later, that his praying had been heard. On the fifth night of May, he stepped into the kitchen to get a cup of water but alas, he got much more than that. Laying on the cool tiled floor basked in blood was his mother and opposite of her was Shin's father, weapon in hand.

Years had now passed and Shin had become thirteen years old, entering his teen years. He continued to live with his father who had been determined not guilty by the authority. From the time he was a child to the time he entered his teen years, his fathers abuse had become subjected to him. His father would come home drunk, and would lash out at Shin with whatever he could get his hands on. However, despite the hatred his father showed, he claimed it would build character. As a result, he would begin training Shin in the arts of earth magic, as a means of defending himself against others.

After two years of training, Shin had finally understood how to use his magic. His father during these two years, had somewhat softened up on Shin but alas, Shin still carried the burden of his mother. On a cold night, Shin's father returned from a bar in his usual drunkard state and as per schedule, yelled at Shin and followed it up with a few lashes of his belt. However, Shin responded with no emotion. Once his dad had enough, Shin would leave the house and step outside, an angry rage taking over. Every second now felt like a minute. In a flash, his father and the house had been pierced with pieces of earth, blood staining the grass and paining the sky red. Unlike his father however, Shin was not safe from the wrath of the authority. The religious community he lived in found about the crime and as an offering of forgiveness to god, they would amputate Shin's entire right arm. To add insult to injury, he was exiled from his village and left to roam Fiore on his own.

Now at the age of eighteen, Shin has had one hellish experience as a child. The experiences he had lived through have come to shape his personality, making him a cold, blunt individual. With his ideals and goals set in place, Shin is ready to venture off into Fiore, ready to make his mark.

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Okay, this looks very good so far. There is only one thing I need you to do. Please state behind your Intolerance trait what Shin is intolerant towards. Reptiles or religion? Or maybe something completely different? Bump when you made that edit and I'll approve you. ^^

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Shin Katari

Edit made - BUMP

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