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1 Pawprints in the Sand on Wed May 04, 2016 2:32 pm



'Ahoy there, lads and lasses! This be Patch o' Starclan speakin'. Have ye ever thought 'Well, this green forest setting for the clans is nice, but, I really would like to be able to smell the salt air again.' Well, have no fear! Here at Paws in the Sand, there be a saltwater smell all around. Perhaps yer lookin' t' join a clan? What would ye prefer? Tha fierce, quirky, yet loyal Patchclan, whom value freedom, an' are t' closest thing to a pirate clan in this area? Tha more pacifistic, secretive Cliffclan, who try ta get closer ta the stars? Or, tha wary, sandy Beachclan, who dislike outsiders, an' constantly worry about their next meal more than tha rest o' them? Or, perhaps a clan tis not your thing. Well, even if ye wish ta be a solo loner, an adorable kittypet, or a hostile rogue, come join tha fun!

Place your Paws In the Sand, me hearties!'

PITS is a Warriors RPG site, and the spiritual successor of the RPG forums MEOW, also known as Moon Eclipse of Warriors, and GROW, also known as Grand Rebirth of Warriors.

-- Hunt prey to survive, make sure you eat soon enough not to starve.
-- Fight against and with others, using digital six-sided dice rolls, with bonuses from your fighting stats.
-- Breed with cats of the opposite gender, and expand your family tree.
-- You may be able to form your own clans and tribes in the future.
-- Earn Achievements to gain stats past your starting ones.
-- Plot with others, maybe make your character part of an already established family tree.
-- Killing others does not require permission. Starvation occurs. Danger is real.

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