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1 Raiden Application [Wip] on Mon May 09, 2016 5:18 pm

Ichiro Raiden Milfiore


   “Have I forgiven? Yes, I have managed to forgive and control my own wrath. I did not just kill blinded by hatred. Yet I did have my vengeance, and I will have it. By my own way.”


Name(s): Ichiro Raiden III Milfiore
Nickname(s)/Alias: Geralt, Lil hiro (by the maids in crocus)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 9th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: C
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Right shoulder (Amber)
Face Claim: Chrom (Fire Emblem)
Reference: N/A


Height: 176cm
Weight: 67kg
Hair: Sky Blue
Eyes: Cerulean
Description: Standing at roughly six feet Raiden is a very handsome man. His sleek blue hair combined with his usually soft (and polite) form of speech, it is no wonder that most women would kill to even catch a glimpse of him in the crowd. (Should they know who he really is)

Anyway moving on, what Raiden usually wears is his day to day uniform, but that is more formal than anything else, with his left shoulder covered and his right shoulder soundly visible it becomes apparent that Rayden is in a most fit form, putting more than a few acrobatics and mages to shame.

His hair is a sure giveaway, his hair is kept short reaching just to his neck, and many people (where he lived in his youth) could relate to his rather stoic look, his uniform consist that of a shoulder pad on his left shoulder, a mantle that covers a portion of the left side of his body. A very special made belt runs across his chest and around his waist where his sheath is strapped with his sword. He also appears to wear a pair of gray gloves, his uniform is dominated in blue as is his hair and eyes.



Honor, Glory, Kindness and Pride these are the four morals that guide his sword. By any means does this never mean that he follows laws or jurisdictions commended by the governments across the globe. On that point he stands in the middle ground, he likes to be free of routines and responsibilities and when something does not go his way, he usually responds with a disgruntled look about him saying something like "what a pain"

Unflinching Resolve!

Though he commends others relatively often when they do something that catches him off guard, he is remarkably polite. He does not get agitated easily usually appearing calm and collected even when fighting. He is also extremly steadfast in his resolve, when something needs to get done he will be there in the thick of it. He appears often very motivated when others are in danger, in either getting people to safety or fighting whatever causes trouble.


Raiden is a compassionate man, often understanding others pain when they suffer, altrough he rarely cries, because he thinks that showing tears is a form of weakness. He can also crack a smile every once in a while, though he often smiles when something awful has happened trying his best to cover up everything and keep it bottled inside. Raiden will do anything for his comrades that he trusts, altrough he is wary of strangers. Raiden likes Animals, he often comments how much animals try to avoid him regardless how much he likes them.


Raiden is a rather oblivious man when it comes to love, sure he can understand when someone proposes to you, and he can blush as a result. But direct hints and other such references will fly right past him.

Gourmet chef

Raiden knows how to cook, as he has had a lot of practise in that art. Though as a noble it has not been required of him, it is something he has taught himself. And shockingly he seems to be very talented at it.

Motivations: Raiden has a dream of becoming stronger, he also wishes to find friends, friends who can see past his faults, quirks and his past, currently he is new to the state of affairs outside the capital city Crocus, as he has spent the last seventeen years in the capital unable to do anything about it.
The people he wants to protect. (If any)

Fighting for his honor and fighting for others honor. (those who cannot fight for themselfes)


* Losing his freedom
* Crocus
* Losing the ones he cares about
* His Father
* Loneliness
* Showing weakness

* Animals
* Kids
* Challanges
* Strong willed people
* Friends
* Training
* His Siblings
* Fist Fights
* Polite people & manners
* Fighting tough opponents
* Cheerful People

* People who hurt others for Profit/Fun
* Arrogance
* Hospitals
* Pointless Arguments
* Himself
* Liars
* People who are almost always late

Positive Characteristics:

  • Diehard (+2): You can remain conscious after attacks that would fell others.
    Explanation: Allows for 1 A-Rank spell to be shrugged off. Damage is still applied, but no pain is shown. Limit of once per battle.

    Enhanced Strength (+3): Your character is slightly stronger than other characters when it comes to physical strength.
    Explanation: Players have C-rank strength buff passively.

    Zealot (+4): This person has trained themselves to wield a specific type of weapon. This weapon can be mentioned behind the Zealot feat within brackets to claim it upon approval.
    Explanation: Player is capable of wielding a weapon and receives one at start. The starter weapon is always common and without any magical properties but may upgraded later on.

    High Society (+2): You know good manners and were trained to handle social interactions in noble circles. This is useful in requests involving members of the highest levels of society, such as monarchs, nobles, courtiers, lords and ladies, and high-ranking clerics.
    Explanation: You are capable of having threads with nobles. Those without this feat cannot.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Inattentive (-1): Your mind has a habit of drifting off at inopportune moments. It flits from one thought to the next so fast that you have trouble getting it to concentrate on the here and now. As such, you are particularly unaware of your surroundings.
    Explanation: You must drift off at least one out of five posts.

  • Dependent (-3): You have a ward or charge that depends on you, usually a young child or elderly relative that needs you to provide for them and devote at least part of your time to them. In money terms, this will cost you five percent of your jewels a month. You may also be required to stay near home often in case you are needed.
    Explanation: You will be placed on a list and at the end of the moment five percent of your jewels will be deducted.

  • Indecisive (-1): You have been known to hesitate when faced with difficult choices or split-second decisions. If forced to choose between letting a villain escape and rescuing a loved one from being lowered into a snake pit, you're likely to agonize over the situation until something--perhaps a cry for help from your sweetheart--forces your hand.
    Explanation: You take too much time when making decisions. You can never instantly make a decision when it is presented to you.

  • Overzealous (-1): You are incapable of having a weak opinion. Everything you believe, you believe as if your life depended on it. Everything you don't believe in, you hate with a passion.
    Once in a while your flaw gets you to strongly defend one of your opinions, no matter how inappropriate the time and place, nor what the circumstances of such an outburst may be.
    Explanation: If someone goes against your beliefs, you violently defend the beliefs, even if the person is your ally.

  • Reckless (-1): You lack the emotion of fear. Unfortunately, it is often an important cue that keeps men from doing foolhardy things. Sure, you don't flinch at the sight of even the most hideous monster, but neither do you feel the need to run away when outclassed.
    Explanation: You can never flee from a fight with someone who is stronger than you.

  • Proud (-1): You don't like accepting help from others. If a gift or offer of aid smacks of charity or pity even the slightest bit, you grow indignant and refuse it.
    Explanation: You win 10% less jewels from wheel spins.

  • Overconfident (-1): Nothing is beyond your capabilities. If you wanted, you could defeat the best swordsman in the world; you just haven't had any reason to do so yet. And surely that chasm isn't too wide for you to leap across.
    Explanation: You are easily goaded, and anyone attempting to taunt you will succeed.

  • Daredevil (-2): You only really feel alive when you're staring death in the face. Your character is addicted to the thrill of death-defying stunts, pushing themselves to the limit at every available opportunity.
    Explanation: You can't refuse the opportunity of engaging into combat with anyone or anything that is stronger than you. You also always volunteer and perform tasks that have a risk attached to them when you are in a group.


Magic: Thunder Maker Magic
Type: Caster
Classes: Offensive, Defensive, Buff
Element: Lightning
Description: Capable of producing lightning from his bare hands, and taking solid form Raiden exercises his magic daily. His lightning magic could be to increase his speed (or others), or pummel his opponents into the ground.



History: Spending his youth in training from a tender age of four, most of his days where very similiar, this is how it continued under the tutelage of "one hundred eyes" a monk from Valderice, everyone called him that, off course he was not his only tutor, as he had one for every small thing, such as learning how to approach other nobles and royalties. He learned how to pronounce, count and read. But One hundred eyes stood out from the other tutors, sometimes he told him of his village far in the north. One time he explained why he was called "One hundred eyes" he was a very efficient monk in the way of the sword, but could use a stick just as well. This is how many times, Raiden gained a bloody nose from his mentor.

Yes even though "one hundred eyes" was a blinded man he could best more than 50 men of the elite guard. Raiden could never really understand how that was even possible, but he respected the man greatly. The mark of a wolf clearly visible on the his back, Raiden once asked why he had a tatoo on his back, he was training holding still for many hours in a pose which caused his legs to bend, One hundred eyes answered "Ah ah ahh" he remarked even though he was facing away from him drinking his tea. Raiden bending back into his stance. "You don`t know about guilds yet do you Ichiro?, many guilds dot this land, this one is my home..." Raiden let up again and One hundred eyes remarked him about it almost instantly, falling back into his stance.

"Do you know what symbol this is?" The blind monk asked, Raiden turned his attention briefly towards the pillar that was made of granite, in the bamboo training room, gazing towards the mark with half slitted eyes "If you wish to have calligraphy on the wall, why not summon a painter who can see?" Raiden asked, One hundred eyes answered "Can you not  see the symbol?" whereas Raiden replied "It is a symbol for fire" "and what`s wrong?" The blind monk asked."Its upside down" Raiden said with a monotone voice "Precisely, this is the kung fu character for patience and control, remember this in the future, always, never give way to anger..." (flashback end)

Raiden was lying in the grass, nonchalantly tugging onto a straw of grass in his mouth watching the low moving clouds high above racing across the sky. Next to him his younger sis was lying bathing in the sunlight her chest was raising and lowering at every breath. She was sleeping. This was their last chance at sleeping on real grass, before reaching Valderice.

But Raiden could`t sleep. The caravan had stopped to resupply, because the next part of the trip was going to take them across a mountain range and there was no stops until the reached their destination. Raiden sat up as he thought about his mentor. The only man he had ever concidered as his mentor. "I hope we can start a new life" he thought to himself as he stood up holding up his hands to his waist. "Come on slowpoke this train is departing from the station" Naturally it was not a train, but a figure of speech.

"Just a little bit longer mama" she spoke in her sleep, there was a hint of compassion growing on his face as he picked her up carefully heading towards the caravan that was readying itself for departure with or withouth them.

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2 Re: Raiden Application [Wip] on Sun May 15, 2016 4:07 pm


Hello! Kaelyn here. I'll be pre-reviewing your app and the first thing that you'll need to fix is your magic. You aren't allowed to apply for TakeOver, not yet. Please get a new magic, and I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you!

3 Re: Raiden Application [Wip] on Mon May 23, 2016 2:43 am


As you are still in the process of finishing this app, please add a (WIP) beside your name in the title. Thank you!

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