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1 Hiroko on Thu May 12, 2016 8:22 pm



   “It's Not You... Or Maybe It Is.”


Name(s): Hiroko Yuusuke
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: D
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: In the right side of his chest. It's yellow.
Face Claim: Kise Ryota - Kuroko no Basket
Reference: N/A


Height: 1.86 meters
Weight: 75 kilograms
Hair: Yellow (blond) hair which extends to the back of his neck and slightly covers his eyes.
Eyes: Yellow
Description: Hiroko is a very muscular and well formed person for his thin complex. He is tall and quite athletic and has a piercing in his left ear which he rarely takes of outside of his house. Hiroko is a person who wears cloths depending in his emotional state. When he is happy, he likes using a bit elegant cloths, usually wearing a white shirt and a suit. If he is sad, he usually uses pants and a hoodie. His cloths can vary to very weird and different stuff when he is experimenting new or confusing emotions. Besides his clothing, Hiroko is quite good looking and usually attracts females with ease. Hiroko usually looks energetic and is smiling most of the time. Finally, he has blond hair and yellow golden-ish eyes, his whole face is considered "pretty" and works as a model when he is not working as a mage which is quite more than someone would expect.


Personality: Hiroko is a very positive person. He is quite relaxed all the time, even in a difficult situation which usually helps him avoid mistakes. He is patient and knows how to maintain himself calm and help other calm down as well. He is quite cheerful and usually finds the positive side of everything. He is also quite dumb sometimes, when not in a fight or protecting someone, he doesn't think things twice. He is such a nice person that he usually says the truth without thinking as well. He is a very nice person, he loves helping and will do anything he can to help those who need his assistance. He loves cooking and cooking for other people, which is why he will probably cook for those in hi guild once in a while.
With woman, his dumbness disappears, he seems to be an expert with woman and knows how they think, usually. He can't avoid treating woman as good as possible, which is why he will never face a woman in combat as well. He will risk his life for any woman which can indeed make him face a numerous amount of dangers. Finally, Hiroko is usually good for anything new he tries. Without any explanation, he can learn anything out from magic with relative ease and above average, however, he never acts arrogant about any of that and tries not to act superior to others by sometimes even hiding his talent.

-Woman: Hiroko really likes woman and uses his natural attraction to help himself finding woman. He also uses this as motivation to encourage himself to grow stronger as a mage, since being a strong hero gives a big plus with woman.
-Power: As a mage, Hiroko wishes to get stronger. This is not at all his main or biggest motivation, however, power is indeed something he looks for and will usually look forward to obtaining.

-Losing his career: His career as a mage and model, both are important for him since the two of them are a big plus with woman and simply because it's something he loves.
-The end of his Guild: Again, he loves his job as a mage and the loss of his family and the loss of something he loves doing would both be quite heartbreaking.
-Becoming Homosexual: Hiroko has no problem with homosexuals at all, but he likes woman so much, actually becoming a homosexual, and stop liking them, terrifies him.
-Spiders: It's his phobia.

-Spicy Food: Hiroko has quite a strong endurance towards spicy food, it's something he enjoys eating.
-Cooking: Besides being an average mage and famous model, Hiroko is an amazing cook. He doesn't work as chef or anything similar, but it's one of his hobbies not many people know about.
-Woman: Again, woman are just beautiful in his eyes. Every woman is unique but perfect in his eyes and he will never get tired of them in any way.
-Sunny Days: He likes the sun light touching his face and the feeling of the slight heat in town. It just hypes his mood.
-Cloths: He likes dressing quite formal and nice. He also usually changes clothing depending in his mood, which is why he likes knowing he has lots of variety in cloths and that he looks good in any... or most of them.

-Pimples: He has never had a single pimple in his life. However, it's one of the things he really puts effort in avoiding since it would make him less attractive.
-Unhealthy Food: He likes tasting it, but having other people eat unhealthy food makes him uncomfortable.
-Evil: Bad people is what most bothers him since he likes helping people at all costs. He likes feeling like a hero.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Athletic (+3): You have a knack for athletic endeavors.
    Explanation: Ability to jump 10 meters in a single bound.
  • Swift (+3): You are fleet of foot. When running, you move faster than most people.
    Explanation: C-rank speed buff passive.
  • Persuasive (+2): You have a way with words and body language. Somehow you manage to persuade weaker minded people easily.
    Explanation: When using this feat, players will have to roll a bronze die. Failure to land on a number results in them agreeing with you.
  • High Society (+2): You know good manners and were trained to handle social interactions in noble circles. This is useful in requests involving members of the highest levels of society, such as monarchs, nobles, courtiers, lords and ladies, and high-ranking clerics.
    Explanation: You are capable of having threads with nobles. Those without this feat cannot.
  • Diehard (+2): You can remain conscious after attacks that would fell others.
    Explanation: Allows for 1 A-Rank spell to be shrugged off. Damage is still applied, but no pain is shown. Limit of once per battle.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Phobia (-3) (Spiders): A character afflicted by a phobia persistently fears a particular object or situation. She realizes that the fear is excessive and irrational, but the fear is disturbing enough that she avoids the stimulus.
    Explanation: Character is unable to face anything that has it's fear. If you're afraid of spiders and someone uses spider magic, you flee.
  • Compulsive Honesty (-2): You cannot tell a lie, nor can you behave in a deceitful fashion. You tend to be blunt rather than tactful, even if it means insulting someone who you and your companions are trying to impress.
    Explanation: You can't lie and you will tell the truth when someone asks you something instead of lying. So if your team is impressing an ogre and the ogre asks if you guys are truly from the guild you guys claimed you were and lied about it, you will screw it up and say the truth.
  • Allergies (-1) (Dogs): You are afflicted with allergies. These may be something as simple as hay fever, but the reactions to such will result in something like a huge bout of sneezing and gasping. You must mention this allergy in your character application.
    Explanation: Whenever this allergy comes into play you must suffer the consequences. The allergy must be something that can actually come and not something strange and unique (Lots of sneezing).
  • Dark Secret (-1) (in history): You have some sort of secret that, if revealed, would make you an outcast amongst your society and companions. While this secret is on your mind at all times, it will come up in topics only once in a while, but when it does, watch out!
    Explanation: You must think about your dark secret at least one out of ten posts. When things that are relevant to the dark secret are brought up you can't stop thinking about it.
  • Fanaticism (-1): This can be a substantial disadvantage for a character, though it requires significant roleplaying commitment on the part of the player. The fanaticism can be dedication to a particular cult, religion, or god, or it can be more worldly-based, in the sense of overwhelming loyalty to a state, a military presence, or to a particular leader. Whatever their sources, the different types of fanaticism have several things in common. If a certain code of behavior is called for by the belief, then the character must conform to that behavior even if it conflicts with the immediate goals of the character and his companions. While fanaticism is not necessarily evil, it may certainly become tiresome to those who do not share the fanatics beliefs.
    Explanation: You must always strongly act out to your beliefs even if it goes against your immediate goals or it brings the lives of people you care about in danger.
  • Harbinger of Ill Omen (-1): You seem to be cursed to forever bump into a specific person, time and time again. Each time you do, something bad happens not long afterward. This person in no way does this purposefully, it just happens with alarming frequency.
    Explanation: You will have character assigned to you by roleplay department of staff who will enter you threads randomly from time to time. When this happens, staff will change the conditions of your thread against you. Such as heavy storm, avalanches or beasts catching onto your smell.
  • Hedonistic (-1): You love a good time. You party too much, drink too much, and eat too much. You have trouble resisting an invitation to join someone in a drink and sometimes shirk your duty if offered a more enjoyable time elsewhere. Whenever a good time is presented you let your guard down. You're also not capable to resist seduction of any sort. It's just not in your nature to resist such opportunities.
    Explanation: You always give in when a good time is offered such as drinks, women and other things. Even in the midst of a dangerous raid through a castle you decide to stay in the room that has wine and beautiful girls in them even though they could be monsters.
  • Merciful (-1): For a villain, you have a terrible weakness--you don't like to hurt people. Given the choice, you'd rather exile your deposed brother to another country than do him in. Whether this is because you want him to live knowing that you beat him, or whether you just have a small soft spot down in your heart somewhere, the result is the same: your enemies keep coming back again and again.
    Explanation: You are unable to ever kill someone, NPC or otherwise. This means Requests that specifically request slaying a beast or person cannot be done by you.
  • Star-crossed (-1): You keep falling in love with the wrong people. You're the common soldier who falls in love with the king's daughter at first sight, or the hero who falls for the villain's daughter without knowing who she is.
    Explanation: You fall in love with every enemy you meet (that's your specie).


Magic: Bubble Magic
Type: Caster
Classes: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Element: Bubble/Water
Description: The user is able to create different bubbles for combat. The user is specifically able to create and manipulate three different type of bubbles:
Hard Bubbles: Stronger bubbles than the normal anyone can blow. These bubbles can be used to assault people or even protect people. They are still bouncy.
Explosive Bubbles: By compressing a lot of air inside a bubble, the user is able to create explosive bubbles which will cause no burns, but instead air explosions.
Hot Bubbles: These bubbles can only be created through the mouth with hot liquieds from the user's stomach. These bubbles are able to melt different structures or cause burning damage with contact.
This magic uses the user's fluids to create bubbles, which is why Hiroko never sweats. These fluids can vary from simple saliva to sweat to water inside his body or even stomach acids. Because of this, the user can maintain a huge amount of liquids to avoid dehydration at any time. Also, the user, after drinking some alcohol, is able to blow alcohol bubbles for other people to drink it and avoid getting drunk.
The big weakness of this magic is the fluids the user needs. Because of this, the user can't use more than 3 spells each post since he would dehydrate.


History: Hiroko was born in crocus. He is the son of one of the biggest families in crocus, he was part of the florans. For most of his childhood, he lived in his family studding trying to be the perfect child for his parents. He was taught many things such as playing the piano with some other numerous instruments and some sports such as swimming and some other which were considered classy at some point. However, Hiroko saw the mages in Crocus all day and wanted to become one of them in the future, however, their family considered risky and wouldn't allow him to learn magic. He also wanted to learn to play basketball and to cook, but again, he wasn't allowed to do any. When he turned 11, he started to jump classes to go to the library or guilds to learn about magic and also liked to play basketball in the street. Cooking was still something out of his possibilities, but he read about gastronomy almost every day. When he turned 13, his parents noticed his actions and decided to strengthen their protection for their kid. Hiroko kept finding loopholes in their decisions. It was until he turned 15 that they started to fight. He fought with his family constantly until when he turned 16, both him and his parents decided to kick him from the family, erasing his existence from their home since they couldn't allow such misbehavior (dark secret, was part of a nobel family but his existence was erased from the records). Hiroko started to maintain himself and as he looked for a job he ended up in a model carrier. It wasn't exactly what he hoped to find, but money was something he needed at the moment and easily accepted any deal he was offered. With time, he started to understand the real world and learned how to get money. However, with the few time he had to spare because of his busy life, he played basketball and learned to cook as well as studied magic by his own. However, it was until he turned 18 that he decided to join a guild, which is why he attempted to join the guild Gryphon Quill to become stronger and join the strong mages he had always looked up to. However, he was rejected from the guild and had no option but to start working harder and try to reach those above him, however, it's the start of a long journey of training and gaining experience, but he will someday reach those he so much admires.

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2 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 3:22 pm


Hello Hiroko, I’ll be pre-reviewing your application!

  • There’s something confusing about your fear of becoming homosexual. You have stated that you would rather be with a gay man than a straight man, which means that you would be with a man anyway? That would mean that you’re already homosexual. O-o’

Everything else is perfectly fine. Bump when completed!

3 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 3:37 pm


Woops, explained it wrong, bump

4 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 3:38 pm

Illiad Odyssey

Denied for joining Dragon Maw- We are currently at max capacity.

5 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 3:45 pm


Great, now please pick a new guild as Dragon Maw cannot accept new members at the moment!

6 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 4:17 pm


bump, changed to quill

7 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 4:23 pm


Alright, now this is ready to be checked by a mod.

8 Re: Hiroko on Fri May 13, 2016 4:28 pm


GQ is full too. :/

Also, the Acid Water thing is kinda a little bit too close to poison, with it being corrosive and all (poison is banned) - would you mind changing it to scaling hot water or something? You could control the temperature and still cause burn damage ect.

Also, I think you gotta go guildless for now..

9 Re: Hiroko on Sun May 15, 2016 7:12 am


kk, is this fine?

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