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1 Kim Chang-Kyun (WIP) on Fri May 13, 2016 8:17 am

Ether Blaize

I looked death in the face, once. Now you're looking death in the face, by looking at me.


Name(s): Kim Chang-Kyun
Nickname(s): Kyun, Kyunnie
Age: 18 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 31
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: D
Guild: None
Tattoo: Middle of the left side of his neck
Face Claim: I don't know ^^;
Reference: RWBY RPG's (Syne Academy) Affiliates page ^^


Height: 165 cm
Weight: 59 kilos
Hair: Long, white, icy blue
Eyes: Large, icy blue
Description: Kim Chang-Kyun has long white hair braided over his left shoulder, the ends of the braid curling slightly toward the left. He has long bangs, part of which are streaked ice blue; his wide ice blue eyes, small face, and small, feminine frame tend to make him seem innocent and much younger, something which he uses to his advantage often. He dresses neatly, wearing a gray waistcoat buttoned to his waist (but hanging to near his midthighs) over a white button-up with a ruffled collar; a blue brooch with two black strings hanging from it adorns his collar. He wears a pair of long, black, leather pants made to slightly hug his form; a pair of high leather boots adorned with buckles and zippers covers his feet and his legs up to his knees. He wears a pair of black leather gloves over his hands, and finally has a dark blue ribbon tied around the base of his braid.


Personality: Kim Chang-Kyun has never had what might be called a "good" temperament; he's been known to snap at people over simple things like comments about his attire (sweatdrop). As an unfriendly person, who really doesn't like people, Chang-Kyun doesn't make very many friends; however, the few he does have are.... very tolerant to his ways. The white-haired boy is cruel, brutish, snappy, sassy, and just pure mean all rolled into one. He's nice only to those who he respects, or to those he's deceiving, and those are few and far between; Chang-Kyun is often brutally straightforward and honest, but not to the point that he would risk a mission; when work is involved, he becomes serious and uses all weapons in his arsenal to complete his end goal.
Chang-Kyun has the tendency to be over-excitable; when he's anticipating something, he becomes hyper and practically bounces off the walls. Often behaving in a childish manner, Chang-Kyun is often referred to as 'cute'-- which is one of the top three Things You Do Not Call Chang-Kyun. (Girly/a girl, Cute/adorable, and Loveable). When referred to as one of those three, Chang-Kyun goes ballistic and tends to destroy things. And people.

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