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1 Toga Katakana on Thu May 19, 2016 1:30 pm

Toga Katakana


   “I'll be the enactor, Semura will be the symbol.”


Name(s): Toga Katakana
Nickname(s): "Fuck you."
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 29
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: D
Guild: N/A
Tattoo: Neck; right side, purple.
Face Claim: Teufel Diabolos - Senyuu
Reference: N/A


Height: 6'2
Weight: 176lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black
Toga Katakana has black messy hair with bangs that fall over his face. His eyes are deep black with white circles in them, with dark circles on his skin underneath. These circles stand as a clear sign of  sleep deprivation, though, the butler cares little for it... Toga's facial depiction can usually be seen showing laziness or the face of someone who'd rather take an easier route in his endeavors, all of which is true. But he often finds himself stuck with the harder or more difficult activities anyways. Toga's main outfit is a butler's uniform, which consists of a black tie, a white; button-down shirt, a purple vest, a black jacket, black pants, and white gloves. Toga also wears a scabbard at his waist, it houses his blade /Semura/, and is always elegantly leaning forward, seemingly ready to be unsheathed at any second. The male stands at a tall height of six feet, two inches. However the butler's body is more slender than muscular looking. Even despite his highly toned abdomen and biceps which are hidden under his clothing..


"If revenge doesn't make us feel any better, why do we seek it?"

For a lack of better words, Toga does is out of anger. He hates what was done him and the Semura House, he hated it so much that his cries of rage were so loud in hell, that they reached the ears of the devil himself. Besides, what's one soul, if he gets four in return? Or more, depending on how far Toga's rage can reach before he succeeds!
The butler doesn't care for self-benefit, he just wants their justice in hand, he also doesn't care for any lives or limbs in which he has to take or lose...
In his eyes, if you aren't apart of what happened, than either you help him, or you step off and get lost. His entire driving focus is to get back what was taken from him. Toga may come off as pushy, lazy, or unmotivated, but none of those things correlate with what he really thinks and feels. Inside he is like a furnace, boiling with anger. When his Semura Blade is drawn forth it brings that furnace forward triggering the user to act on cruel, relentless, behavior in the face of combat. His entire mind, body, and soul go into anything he does. When he isn't proving that with his blade-- he's proving it with his wit. The man may come off as just some avenger, but really, he's an observant man who enjoys the company of others. However, with so much stress on his shoulders he's driven himself to cigarettes, which turn off most people to making conversation with him. Often when placing them in between his lips and inhaling large dust clouds of nicotine, others make disgusted faces and turn away. Though, if anything can be noted about the butler in a positive light, it's his cleaning abilities. He always keeps the room freshly scented and cleaned. The male also wears a very unique cologne, which is odd, considering such luxuries are hard to come by. Yet-- it symbolizes his unique tastes in smell and personal hygiene. Granted, he loves cleanliness, he isn't afraid to forcibly strip people down and wash them himself if they don't smell nice or they, by chance, look bad. By nature Toga is better than most females at makeup and cosmetology, as he was instructed by the women of the Semura Household to do it for them for years. It's worth mentioning, that his shoe-shining techniques are also unrivaled, as the family's head taught him at a young age alongside the older butlers' how to shine shoes fit for nobles... Despite no longer being a butler to a family, Toga is interested in "guilds," as he sees them as a tool for paid travels and a home with money to rely on if he needs it. However, his inability to battle with the best of them at his beginning stages has kept him away from these organizations so far. Maybe one day he'll join a guild though-- and let them in on his mission for vengeance.

Toga is driven by utter vengeance, of the highest degree, for this he seeks out the group of assailants that molested the youngest daughter of the Semura, and whom murdered everyone else there as he was forced to watch in horror. And then left to take the blame before the courts as if he were responsible, in his own mind he is, and that is partly why it angers him so much... The butler wishes to expel all of them from this life for the ones they stole, and feed them to Belial, the devil which allowed him re-entry to the land of the living... He has so much hate in him, that it alone drives him like a madman; a berserk madman.

Toga fears the justice that was ripped from the Semura household, he fears every dream where he watches little Tzipora being touched and cupped by the perverted hands of her attackers... He fears being stared at by a judge of the highest caliber in such an awful way ever again, and he fears the fate of the House of Semura. The house where he grew up, ever since he was just a seven-year old boy, the house where he rose ranks of until he became the head butler. The house of the family that trusted him to protect them if he ever had too... The house he failed, the butler fears looking back and not having tried harder. He fears the injustice that was ripped from his... family.


- Cleaning, shoe-shining, etc.

- Cigarettes, Marijuana, Pain Pills.

- Women, especially the dominant type.

- Training, furthering the mission, winning.


- Judges, Law Enforcement, Magic Counsel.

- The assailants who attacked the Semura

- Failure is not an option.

Positive Characteristics:

  • Regeneration (+4): You heal very fast inside and outside of combat. Small cuts that go up to one inch deep are healed in the next post.
    Explanation: C-rank damage healed every post.

  • High Society (+2): You know good manners and were trained to handle social interactions in noble circles. This is useful in requests involving members of the highest levels of society, such as monarchs, nobles, courtiers, lords and ladies, and high-ranking clerics.
    Explanation: You are capable of having threads with nobles. Those without this feat cannot.

  • Persuasive (+2): You have a way with words and body language. Somehow you manage to persuade weaker minded people easily.
    Explanation: When using this feat, players will have to roll a bronze die. Failure to land on a number results in them agreeing with you.

  • Zealot (+4): This person has trained themselves to wield a specific type of weapon. This weapon can be mentioned behind the Zealot feat within brackets to claim it upon approval.
    Explanation: Player is capable of wielding a weapon and receives one at start. The starter weapon is always common and without any magical properties but may upgraded later on.

Negative Characteristics:

  • Bad Reputation (-1): You have a reputation that angers or frightens people. Examples include being unlucky, petty, or cruel. The rep may or may not be accurate, but in either case, word travels faster than you do.
    Explanation: You can't communicate easily with non player characters. Somehow they've heard of you and the things they've heard weren't too good.

  • Daredevil (-2): You only really feel alive when you're staring death in the face. Your character is addicted to the thrill of death-defying stunts, pushing themselves to the limit at every available opportunity.
    Explanation: You can't refuse the opportunity of engaging into combat with anyone or anything that is stronger than you. You also always volunteer and perform tasks that have a risk attached to them when you are in a group.

  • Envious (-1): Everyone else seems to have it better than you do. They have more money, better toys, and a prettier wife. You tend to get envious over the smallest things. You're often disliked due to the constant mutterings and complaints you utter, along with the dirty stares you offer those you deem as better off than yourself.
    Explanation: You must act envious at least one out of five posts.

  • Fanaticism (-1): This can be a substantial disadvantage for a character, though it requires significant roleplaying commitment on the part of the player. The fanaticism can be dedication to a particular cult, religion, or god, or it can be more worldly-based, in the sense of overwhelming loyalty to a state, a military presence, or to a particular leader. Whatever their sources, the different types of fanaticism have several things in common. If a certain code of behavior is called for by the belief, then the character must conform to that behavior even if it conflicts with the immediate goals of the character and his companions. While fanaticism is not necessarily evil, it may certainly become tiresome to those who do not share the fanatics beliefs.
    Explanation: You must always strongly act out to your beliefs even if it goes against your immediate goals or it brings the lives of people you care about in danger.

  • Overzealous (-1): You are incapable of having a weak opinion. Everything you believe, you believe as if your life depended on it. Everything you don't believe in, you hate with a passion.
    Once in awhile your flaw gets you to strongly defend one of your opinions, no matter how inappropriate the time and place, nor what the circumstances of such an outburst may be.
    Explanation: If someone goes against your beliefs, you violently defend the beliefs, even if the person is your ally.

  • Reckless (-1): You lack the emotion of fear. Unfortunately, it is often an important cue that keeps men from doing foolhardy things. Sure, you don't flinch at the sight of even the most hideous monster, but neither do you feel the need to run away when outclassed.
    Explanation: You can never flee from a fight with someone who is stronger than you.

  • Righteous (-1): The end justifies the means. You are willing to perform morally repugnant actions in order to achieve noble goals. Unfortunately, this can alienate those people who might support your cause if you didn't use such heavy-handed methods.
    Explanation: Your beliefs guide you so strongly that you are willing to kill an entire village that's harboring a thief, if it kills the thief too.

  • Tongue-Tied (-1): This disadvantage comes up whenever you try to discuss anything of importance and relay pressing information and such. You have the tendency to incorrectly state facts, forget or mix up names, and generally say the wrong thing.
    Explanation: Every time you try to explain something to someone, you mix up names, leave things out, and jump around the timeline of how things happened

    Derangement/Insanity (-3): Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are permanently insane. You may have a congenital brain disorder, or perhaps you saw something mortals were never intended to lay eyes upon, and it drove you mad. [Compulsions: Cleaning & Smoking]


Magic: Semura's Word
Type: Holder
Classes: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Toga wields the family heirloom of the deceased house of Semura, within it he carries all the power of a vengeful aggressor. The blade is used to trigger techniques specific to the user or his deceased family, such as the ability to summon otherworldly creatures, or the use of generic sword techniques. The blade itself is the medium for all the Semura Techniques and Toga's abilities-- without it, he loses the ability to control whatever he's called onto the field, and he becomes unable to make use of his sword techniques. [i.e. he has to fight his summons off]
The user requires his weapon in hand to do anything pertaining to the Semura House's powers. He may be unable to control truly powerful creatures if his willpower is damaged or hindered by bonds, his summons have a natural weakness to the light element, but he himself, does not.



I Was Always The Butler:

Toga grew up in the line of work, his mother was a maid, and his father was a butler. He lived the life of a servant, scrubbing floors and quickly bowing before others. The child had originally served under the House of Draco. Where his mother and his father were enlisted, though, his services were sold to the Semura at age seven. There he was trained by the Head Butler to be of use to Lord Shinra, the family's head. Now, as it turned out the man's wife, the first lady; really liked the boy's cute, bored atmosphere and brought him up as her personal helper. Lady Asako, that's what they called her, the older servants... She decided to start teaching him how to do makeup and other things to help the women and her daughters that resided in the huge mansion. Seeing that his wife really liked Toga, Lord Shinra also began to spend time before the tiny man-servant. Testing and sharing coffee with the kid everyday until he was sixteen. It was around this time that the old Head Butler turned in his suit and made off to retire, leaving the job open to any butler that Lord Shinra found deserving. That job was given to Toga Katakana. Because of his popularity among the household.

Lord Shinra and Lady Asako had many children, mostly girls, the older girls would usually bait themselves out to Toga. But he ignored it, knowing the consequences were dire, forbidden, and dishonorable to his lord... To help ignore the hormonal females, the butler turned his companionship to Tzipora. A five year old, one who was far smarter than she let on. He hung out with her as often as possible. Typically the butler was the one whom helped her study, and read her to sleep at night to her favorite stories. He'd pick on her with his lazy, snarky, unmotivated facade before giving into her needs all the time...

"I should never have allowed you to answer the door, why did I let you open the door... Tzipora?... Oh yes, now I remember. It was my fault, I'm a fool..."

The Night Before They Were Taken:

It was an ordinary day for Toga, all his chores were done, the girls were upstairs, and the Lord and his First Lady were in their study. The mansion was a big place, always busy. However, the only strange thing that day... Was that all the maids and servants had taken the day off for the holiday weekend. It was autumn and they sought the company of their children and spouses. So it was only he for now, the loyal, stagnant, Toga Katakana that stayed behind that afternoon. The night before had been the way it always was.What was expected was just... Unforeseeable.

"Toga-kun! Toga-kun, read me a story please? I want to hear a good one!"

--shouted little Tzipora in her nightgown, as she fetched her book from the wall. Toga walked in after here, in his typical clothing.

"No. Go to bed."

-- said the butler sharply, with his dull eyes watching come up to him. She was usually the only one who could see through his unmoving personality.

"Aww. You're mean Toga-kun!  Just one little section from the poetry book please? Pleeeeeeaaaase?"

-- The butler rested a hand at his neck, and exhaled lazily. He then pulled up a chair to her bed, and allowed a slight smile to plaster his lips before he read out loud.

"You need to sleep soon, close your eyes as I read... Good, now then, I'll begin."

-- He opened the book and stopped on one he hadn't read in awhile.

Toga Reads Jabberwockey:

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
       Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
   All mimsy were the borogoves,
           And the mome raths outgrabe.

   "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
       The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
   Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
           The frumious Bandersnatch!"

   He took his vorpal sword in hand:
       Long time the manxome foe he sought–
   So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
           And stood awhile in thought.

   And, as in uffish thought he stood,
       The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
   Came wiffling through the tulgey wood,
           And burbled as it came!

   One, two! One, two! And through and through
       The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
   He left it dead, and with its head
           He went galumphing back.

   "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
       Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
   O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
           He chortled in his joy.

   'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
       Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
   All mimsy were the borogoves,
           And the mome raths outgrabe.

-- The man closed the book, she was fast asleep. Such a lazy little bugger, he thought with an arched eyebrow... Toga proceeded to kiss her forehead, and mumbled 'good night', before turning into his own bed down the hall. She was like a little sister, or a daughter to him... He was nineteen, so perhaps being the older brother was more befitting, but he definitely felt an inner-connection to the child.

The Massacre:

The doorbell rang out like a drum, and the butler opened one eye. He was napping on the couch out by the entrance when Tzipora ran past him. It was his job to answer the door, but figuring it was just another of Shinra's daughters, he stayed spread out lazily.

"I'll get it!"

"Hm? 'Kay, you do that then."

That was a grave mistake, the door was kicked in upon the girl as it unlocked and she was pinned to the floor with a knife, three more men came in wielding weaponry of varying severity, they came up on Toga and knocked him out with what looked like the blunt end of a gun. He tried to stand and fight, but they advanced to quickly. He heard someone say that all the servants were suppose to be out today. He knew he'd be framed before he could even say a word. He awoke after his vision went out, and it was night time, all the residents were nailed to the floor dead, some of the females with their pants down against posts planted into the flooring. The butler tried to move, to locate Tzipora, but he was tied to the wall, against the heater with cuffs, and tape. He then saw it, in the dining room across the darkly lit Great Room. She was on the table, and they were doing the unspeakable to her, dark horrific things. Perverts. PERVERTS! He yelled behind his tape, he was freaking out. Crying. He looked away, he could hear the lewd noises of the event. Plaguing his ears, he wanted to save her. His little sister... WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? For money? This was wrong, this was a massacre of a noble family. From the sheer anxiety and stress, he went into a panic attack. When he woke up, he was sleeping on the couch. They had wiped blood on him, and removed his pants. Laying them beside Lady Asako, to further seal the deal. The authorities had found him, the sirens were his escape from the nightmares... Toga Katakana had been branded a sex-offender, pedophile, and serial murderer. The court was not easy on him, they didn't believe him, and he refused pleading for insanity.

He got the death sentence... He went to hell under false pretenses... For an entire eight months he screamed, screamed threats and hate. These raw emotions held so much rumor and ruin that they eventually reached the ears of Belial.

And So I Made A Pact With The Devil:

Belial came before the boy, and heard his story. His forked tongue licking his lips after every dark thing spoke. The souls of these killers would be tasty... He wanted them, not this screamer. The devil, broke off his right horn and cut a hole into the land of the living.

"I Trust what you tell me is true, so I will visit the old manor, and if I find that the room that once housed such an event is a lie, then I'll make your hell even worse. You'll never get your revenge. And I'll feed off your anguish forever. Is that understood boy?

It was, nodded the butler, as his arms were pulled by chains. Then, Belial visited the sight, everything had been ransacked by the assailants, everything except what he wanted. He smelled the evil in the air, and could tell that what was told unto him had been true. Toga didn't belong in hell, his paperwork was... Wrong. Belial cursed the system and dove under the manor to a secret room where the Semura Blade was kept. He sensed the souls of the family had flooded into it, most ghosts stuck to worldly items or artifacts if they weren't ready to pass, it seems this one hand the whole family and then some... It was now a ghostly blade, quite the accessory considering it was also the heirloom to the house's Lords. But it wasn't enough, at least not with what it had inside it as of yet...

The Demon King took his forked tongue and licked the blade, bending it into a weapon of vast potential. To test it, Belial used it's dark summoning powers and called out Toga's name with it, he then perpetrated the metal into the floor. Purple energy and smoke cascaded the room, and from the foggy cloud raised the butler, fully clothed with his butler garments into the secret room. Belial grinned sadistically, he informed him of his interest in the man's need for revenge. The demon told him what the sword was, and that he would let him go, on the promise that he bring back the other four, the real killers, so that their eternal punishment could be inflicted and so that he may feast on their karma 'til time immemorial. Toga wasn't hesitant to accept the pact. Selling not his soul, but all the ones in the blade as payment if he failed. His words were blunt, and without forgiveness.

"I accept... I give Semura's Word that I won't not fail, even if it takes me a lifetime to catch them." With that said, and spitting to the side. The two shook hands. Toga took the Semura Family Blade and began his redemption.

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2 Re: Toga Katakana on Thu May 19, 2016 10:18 pm


Hello! I suppose this isn't finished yet. Please put a WIP (work in progress) in your title beside your name, until you're done!

3 Re: Toga Katakana on Fri May 20, 2016 2:56 pm

Toga Katakana

Mm, bumping it now.

4 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 8:27 am

Toga Katakana


5 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 11:25 am


Alright, since no one is getting to it I'll grade it. I have some questions regarding your magic.

You describe it as if this Magic was a "summoning" magic. As you may now, summoning rules aren't out yet. You also mention "modes" which are only obtainable through buffs (endurance buffs in your case) - however buffs isn't one of your classes. If you have summoning magic you also obviously wouldn't be able to buff yourself, or do anything to yourself for that matter.

Maybe I misunderstood something, if that is the case please explain. Also, no matter if you have summoning magic or a normal magic, I'd highly suggest for you to pick an element.

6 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 11:51 am

Toga Katakana

I added a weakness to the light element for all my summons, however I'd rather keep the element of the blade as non-elemental, because I intended on manipulating summons who could align to different elements, for example, a fire summon at one rank, and a water one at a higher rank.

7 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 12:13 pm


Err, no. Multielemental magics are not a thing so that won't be possible. Also, you didn't answer the question about the "modes".

8 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 12:15 pm

Toga Katakana

That's dumb.

I removed everything having to do with modes already, if it isn't allowed what is there to talk about?

I'll choose dark then.

9 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 12:20 pm


Toga wrote:hough, some dark monsters with higher intelligence will obey him regardless if the blade is outside his hands, simply if they trust in him well enough, which is a rare occurrence.

Yeah that's still a no you gotta remove that.

10 Re: Toga Katakana on Sat May 21, 2016 12:22 pm

Toga Katakana

Would've been faster to include that in your last post but eh, edited.

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a pp roved

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