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1 Seraphina Esch WIP on Mon May 23, 2016 10:38 am

Ren Inoe


   “Hello to a new adventure.”


Name(s): Seraphina Esch
Nickname(s): Sera
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 14
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: D
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Base of Neck (magenta)
Face Claim: Yume | Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Reference: N/A


Height: 5'2" | 156 cm
Weight: 107 lbs | 45.4 kg
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Red
Description: From a distance, there are a few characteristics that Sera possesses draw the gaze of passersby.
The first, is perhaps the most striking of her features: her long auburn tresses. When unbraided, her locks fall straight down to the small of her back. The sheer length of her hair causes it to lay heavy and flat when unstyled. For function, and practicality she very rarely wears her hair in such a manner. Instead, she spends time each morning delicately and deliberately winding her hair into a long, auburn braid. The only hair not tightly bound into the braid, is the short pieces of hair cut into bangs that gently frame her heart-shaped face.

In contrast to her long locks, the second striking feature is Sera's rather petite stature.  While she has grown into some feminine curves, they are typically slight compared to her well-developed peers: So much so that she is often mistaken as younger than she is.

Perhaps the next feature that would be observed is the young woman's attire. A self proclaimed tom-boy, Sera dresses for comfort and practicality. She avoids loose clothing, in an attempt to keep her profile streamline and avoid getting caught in precarious situations, that would limit an easy get away. However, Sera does appreciate some tropes of fashion, and wears what she is gravitated towards: typically things of a sleek moderately edgy design. Despite the modesty of her curves, Sera typically wears clothing that emphasizes the subtle bends of her frame: suggesting that she is confident in her appearance, suggested further by her willingness to expose peeks of skin in her everyday attire.

As one draws closer to Sera, the softer details of her appearance become infinitely more obvious. For example, her pale milky skin is highly contrasted by the stylistic choices she makes. However, the supple paleness upon further observation shows the remnants of faded freckles that had once overtly kissed her skin in her youth. The traces of these "angel kisses" are the most noticeable on the gentle slope of her upturned, pixie-like nose.

One of the most unique details of the woman's face-- according to others-- is her eyes. Of course, as most people consider the eyes the entryway of the soul, they generally draw significant attention. The ruby orbs of the young woman in question are no different: Matching the shade of her hair, their pigment gives continuity to her overall appearance, but more than their unusual hue, the emotion behind the orbs is far more impacting than anything else.

Sera has a difficult time hiding her emotion or true intent when it comes to her gaze. Indeed, there is typically a twinkle that stays in the woman's eyes, a suggestion of her tenacity and vivaciousness: of the joy that she feels for life. Such a suggestion is paired by the gentle, albeit occasionally devious smile that grazes across her cupid-shaped lips. Most people upon observing these details make a rather accurate assumption that Sera is a generally happy individual. This can, at times, be a disadvantage for the young woman, however. Being so expressive equally suggests that when she is unhappy with a situation, it is hard to mask the dulled twinkle that pairs with a disingenuous smile.


Personality: (Describe their personality in 200 words)
Motivations: (What motivates your character)
Fears: (What does your character fear? If you want silly fears, come up with at least three)
Likes: (What does your character like)
Dislikes: (What does your character dislike)
Positive Characteristics: ((+9))

  • Zealot (+4): This person has trained themselves to wield a specific type of weapon. This weapon can be mentioned behind the Zealot feat within brackets to claim it upon approval.
    [[Bow and Arrows]]
    Explanation: Player is capable of wielding a weapon and receives one at start. The starter weapon is always common and without any magical properties but may upgraded later on.
  • Nimble Fingers (+2): You are adept at manipulating small, delicate objects. This involves things such as a small mechanics and locks.
    Explanation: Capable of picking all locks except magically sealed items.
  • Agile (+3): You are particularly flexible and poised.
    Explanation: You can dodge an attack up to B Rank, so long as it is feasible for you do to so (AoE excluded). Usable once per thread.

Negative Characteristics: ((-9))

  • Curiosity (-1): You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, alas, your curiosity overrides your common sense. This forces you to investigate something unusual, even if it looks like it might be dangerous.
    Explanation: You will walk deeper into the forest you have never been before. You won't turn around from the castle that you have never seen. This can result into getting you into very dangerous situations.
  • Trusting (-2): You don't like to believe that other people are capable of misleading and lying to you. After all, people are basically good, right?
    Explanation: If someone lies, you automatically believe it.
  • Bravado (-2): You are rash in combat, refusing to show weakness by falling back from your enemies' blows. You either face it and stop it, or get hit in the progress. In addition, you cannot fight defensively.
    Explanation: You can't create any defensive spells. Offensive spells are made to inflict damage while defensive spells do not inflict any damage at all and are made to prevent damage.
  • Derangement/Insanity (-3): Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are permanently insane. You may have a congenital brain disorder, or perhaps you saw something mortals were never intended to lay eyes upon, and it drove you mad. Choose a Derangement/Insanity for your character from the lists below. Though the list is by no means exhaustive, the following options are ones that have been presented in game terms and that have definable--and most times numerical--penalties.
    Phobia: A character afflicted by a phobia persistently fears a particular object or situation. She realizes that the fear is excessive and irrational, but the fear is disturbing enough that she avoids the stimulus.
    Explanation: Character is unable to face anything that has it's fear. If you're afraid of spiders and someone uses spider magic, you flee.
  • Shy (-1): You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and you try to avoid social situations whenever possible. When you become the center of attention you freeze. Don't expect to make any public speeches.
    Explanation: You can never speak first when entering a thread with someone. This includes initiating combat.


Magic: (Name)
Type: (Caster or holder?)
Classes: (Choose up to three: Offensive, Defensive, Buff, Debuff, Healing, Supplementary)
Element: (Which element is the magic aligned to? If none simple state none)
Description: (Describe what the magic does. Check out the banned magic list to be sure that you're not describing a banned or restricted magic with a different name.)
Weaknesses: (Describe the weaknesses of the magic beyond elemental affinities.)


History: (Describe the character's history in 400 words up till now)

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